Daily News Photo Editor Shawn O’Sullivan Salutes Charles Ruppmann

August 11, 2010

By Shawn O'Sullivan

Charles Ruppmann

On the night of October 12, 1977, as millions watched the World Series, a television camera panned over the neighborhood surrounding Yankee Stadium. The Bronx was burning and photographer Charles Ruppmann of the Daily News was there to document it.

Ruppmann elevated the photojournalist’s credo of “being there” to a fine art in a career that spanned Speed Graphics and flash guns to digital. Starting as a copy boy, he worked his way up- old school apprentice style – moving first into the darkroom, then out on to the street as an assistant, then photographer and in later years, photo editor.

In the News’ tradition, Ruppmann was many photographers in one: moving easily between paparazzi, news, sports, culture, crime, street scenes and everyday life, whatever the daily assignment. His image of the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial became the first-ever photograph to be wrapped around the paper. Ruppmann’s beat was the five boroughs and his life’s work is a rich array of nearly a half-century of New York stories.

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