Charming Tales the Jade Albert Way

October 13, 2010

By Sheryl Raskin

Jade Albert

New York-based commercial children’s photographer Jade Albert feels herself immersed in the fantasy world in which she shoots and that’s what makes her images speak to the world. Albert’s work has set standards for the use of children in major ad campaigns for decades. The New York Times and Advertising Age have recognized Albert as one of America’s leading commercial children’s photographers, and she is known for her inherent ability to discover raw talent through her castings. In a few weeks, those who share the interest of capturing outstanding images for family and children’s related ad campaigns will be able to share in the whimsicality of Albert with a day of “Charming Tales” in New York City.

On Sunday, November 14th, Albert will open the doors of a photo studio in the Chelsea District for art buyers, creative directors and their families in addition to interested press (by invitation only). Attendees will experience what it’s like to be part of the photographic series “Charming Tales.” This series merges classic fairy tales with a visual whimsical twist. Albert is offering guests the chance to become part of their own Charming Tale by following the casting process, going through grooming and wardrobe and then being photographed by Albert and her crew. Parents will be able to choose keepsake photos by logging on to Shutterfly after the promotion.

“Charming Tales” features Albert’s whimsical recreations of classic fairy tales such as Alice In Wonderland, Cinderella, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood. The exhibition will include an interactive circuit of fantasy sets where families will be able to walk-through and choose a scene to capture their personal image.

Albert began shooting “Charming Tales” by using the classic stories as a guide. As casting challenges with children presented themselves, she was able to make the images work by reinventing the characters and adding her signature visual twists. For example, Goldilocks became a dark-haired Curlilocks. Each charming tale shows how Albert is able to involve the children at their own level and actually imagine themselves in character. She let’s “kids be kids” and that’s why her images speak, she says. Albert is creating individual environments for each magical guest in attendance and they will step directly into her world. Her goal, as in Christopher Isherwood’s philosophy in I Am a Camera, has been to capture the charm of each child as they begin to shine through her lens. She feels privileged to have this gifted sixth sense of bewitching her mini muses.

Parents and children will be entertained by Mario the Magician, have the opportunity to win raffles including a complimentary portfolio on and there will be gourmet hand-made chocolates by Antoine Amrani.

For more information about Jade Albert visit: her site at or call: 212.724.3747.

Those interested in learning more about Jade Albert’s projects and availability should contact Agent Doug Truppe at or 212.685.1223.

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