Keep the Outside Out

December 11, 2010

By Barbara Goldman

© Brandon Jernigan

New SinuSense campaign from Waterpik.


No one wants to feel congested or have difficulty breathing, and these days, especially, everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible without having to visit the doctor.  Part of being healthy is keeping all of that nasty outside stuff like pollen, pollution and, debris from getting inside. Unfortunately, the majority of the world is suffering with these conditions even if they are taking sinus medication for congestion. People don’t really get rid of the debris and irritants that are at the root of all their discomfort — until now.  A campaign for a new product launch for SinuSense , a revolutionary new sinus health offering from Waterpik®,  may change all that now and bring new awareness,  hope and relief  to sufferers.   


Recently New York based advertising photographer Brandon Jernigan worked on the new SinuSense campaign with the Boulder, CO-based agency Sterling Rice Group. Jernigan  is known  for producing stylized portraits and creating detailed set designs, all with a healthy sense of humor.  


 Interactive designer  Aimee Lutz and Sr. Interactive Designer Jared Hardy   found  Jernigan’s  work online and suggested SRG use him for the Keep the Outside Out” creative campaign.  The Agency bid out the job to two photographers, and chose Jernigan because his portfolio  was most in line with the art direction of the campaign. Although SRG had never worked with Jernigan,  Lutz and Hardy could tell he was great at capturing just the right looks and expressions from the talent, which was key to the  success of this talent-centric campaign.     


Since the campaign assets were going to be used for both print and online, Jernigan and SRG had to conduct the photo shoot with all those applications in mind. Animation for online was another consideration, so Jernigan had to shoot portrait series of stopmotion still frames in succession to create seamless transitions and animation.. Also, given the array of crops for online use, web banners, etc., Jernigan shot the portraits and all the room set elements separately so the Agency  could swap in  props and move them around as needed. Jernigan’s sense of humor certainly captured the concept of keeping those parts of nature we don’t want outside.  “Brandon is a fantastic photographer to work with. He has an uncanny ability to take an idea farther. He’s fantastic to work with for portraits because he establishes a solid rapport with the talent that takes the photography to the next level. Basically: he’s good, says Hardy and Creative Director Jeff Curry. 


The finishing touches to the campaign were provided in collaboration with award-winning London retouching studio, The Operators.  Currently, the images are being used online for banner ads, on and the Waterpik® SinuSense™ Facebook page. The work is also being used for print collateral, along with an ad in Walmart World magazine.  The online media is featured on the following sites:,,,,,,


The new Waterpik® SinuSense   campaign is already alerting and helping people to keep the outside out of their bodies in a way that’s easier and more comfortable to use than  anything ever before. So everyone gets to breathe easy now, including photographer Jernigan and SRG.

 See more  work and get a dose of the very talented Brandon Jernigan at .



Client: Waterpik® SinuSense  

Sterling Rice Group:

Creative Director: Jeff Curry, Senior Interactive Art Director: Jared Hardy

Interactive Designer:  Kate McQuai, Senior Integrated Producer:  Jessica Altus,   Traffic Manager: Inke Borret,   Flash Developers: Peter Heppner,  Killian Grant, Production Artist: Layna Melvin,    Retoucher:  Kai Bastard:  Retoucher ,  Managing Director: Rob Hofferman ,  Sr. Account Mgr.:  Liz Bienstock,  Account Manager: Kate Young,   Intern: Mickey Citarella

Photographer: Brandon Jernigan