Chief Toymaker and Creative Gisela Voss Selects Photographer Kim Lowe

January 10, 2011

By Gisela Voss

© Kim Lowe

Hooded girl shot for B. Toys catalog.

What nut photographer would lay down on a trampoline to shoot kids from below?  The kind we work with, that’s who! 

At B. we make toys that inspire individuality. We use colors that are a little unexpected. We make decisions that support the world and the children in it. Our designs don’t line up with mathematical precision. Our process doesn’t either. It’s part joy. Part love. Part serendipity. And on a fall afternoon in my backyard, part mischief—with a dash of insanity.

We needed awesome child photos for our brand catalog. No pretty kids in perfect clothing sitting with toys in front of white seamless for us. No…we wanted spirit and curiosity, folly and mirth. And a dash of insanity.

Enter Kim Lowe: self-described art director turned editorial commercial photographer specializing in children. And—more importantly—happy momma, avid gardener and loyal yogini that drinks her weight in tea. Kim photographed our catalog the last two years, and  we always smile as big as Meowsic when we look at it.

The Ooohs and Aahhs at Toy Fair. The kudos we get from magazines we send it to. The joyful pride it brings us every time we look at it….we had to share it with PhotoServe. Our toy packaging printed in soy ink spot colors does not allow for CMYK photo printing.  But now now you too can see these shots  and marvel at the eye of a woman who can capture these faces, these natural poses, these glimpses at the inner workings of little kids.


In partnership with Montreal-based, family-run toy manufacturer Battat and Boston-based agency Amy and Andrea. Gisela Voss created B. to engage and inspire and be beautiful enough to leave out in living rooms nationwide, rather than scurried away when company comes over.  Without the keen eye of Andrea Gavin, the word wit of Amy and the spirited shots of Kim Lowe, B. would not be what it is today —a sea change in the stale toy industry. I invite you to take a look: