Pacasearch for Photo Buyers

January 10, 2011



Over 100 Million Images Are Available Now at a Single Stroke for Serious Image Buyers.


Pacasearch™ Offers the Ultimate Search Tool for Photo Buyers.


The Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) is making a huge impact on the way image buyers utilize the Internet to purchase licensed images.  While PACA will never be confused with Google, its proprietary search tool provides the stock photography industry with a much-needed digital solution.


PACA’s Pacasearch is a completely free, Web-based stock image mega meta-search engine, designed to greatly enhance the online image-buying experience. With all the major North American stock agencies on board, together with key specialist archives from around the world, a user can instantly search the entire collection of over 100 million images with one single search request.


This astoundingly large number of fully licensable images is not available anywhere else on the globe from one source, and PACA is delighted that the take up by image suppliers has been so quick. In the end it was demand from clients that forced the pace, so that even the agencies that were  skeptical initially were convinced to participate.


Search results are returned staggeringly fast – in a matter of seconds the user can review all the images fitting their brief simultaneously. The great thing is that not only will image buyers find what they are looking for from their usual suppliers, but they will also discover new and previously untapped sources to boost their options. Where else could one do that?


Developed and supported by PACA, Pacasearch serves to bridge the void left by existing image search engines. Unlike Google, Pacasearch provides buyers with results for only licensable imagery. Other existing search engines serve up both commercial and personal images in their photo search results. This can be especially problematic for professional image buyers. 

Here is how Pacasearch works in a nutshell. A buyer submits a term into Pacasearch to locate a library of images to explore. Almost instantly Pacasearch returns an index ranking of member libraries by both relevancy and most matches providing the searcher with multiple perspectives. Clicking on any of the libraries takes the user directly to the relevant imagery.

 Pacasearch allows buyers to rapidly sample choices from multiple collections. They will relish the vast improvements Pacasearch provides over any existing image-based search engines, especially with searching by concept (a common weakness of image-based search engines).


 “Pacasearch is a powerful new tool for highly focused research across a wide range of excellent stock photo agencies,” stated Judy and Roger Feldman of Feldman & Associates.

 Pacasearch helps members achieve broader online distribution of their image libraries at near zero cost.  Pacasearch also facilitates the creation of highly coveted direct personal relationships between buyers and member agencies. Conversely, buyers will be constantly exposed to previously unknown sources of highly relevant content from among PACA’s globally diverse group of trusted professional image collections.


Keeping with PACA’s Mission Statement, Pacasearch does not collect a fee, bounty or royalty of any kind. The purpose of this powerful search technology is to provide the entire marketplace with a solution as dynamic as the collections available and with the convenience of a personal assistant.


Pacasearch has already garnered testimonials:


“Gliding through the functionality and usefulness of the PACA enhanced directory puts a big smile on my face. As a photo editor and art buyer I search multiple sites daily. This tool puts more control in my hands. I can keep the results pages in tabs with fewer keystrokes, page toggles, and site crashes. The relative percentages, predictive text, and term definitions create a tight, clean search environment. With PACA-Search I can successfully and accurately find imagery in less time, with less hassle, while having more agency resources at my fingertips. Thank you, PACA.”
Lee Horton
Multimedia Editor & Rights Specialist
K12 Inc.
“Initially a bit skeptical because not all of my regular vendors were participating, I have been using Pacasearch in one way or another since its debut. Nowadays, most of my RM and many RF vendors participate, and there are only a very few I use who have not signed on. Mostly, that’s a loss for them. Oftentimes Pacasearch is my first go-to site for RM photos. I do my own research, and what a huge time saver it is! It’s also a lot faster now that I know how to maneuver it: If you’re returning to the site on a saved tab, simply use the main url, refresh, and then search. Pacasearch is quite simply the best professional photo search service on the web!
Annette Scarpitta
K12 Inc.


About PACA 

PACA, the Picture Archive Council of America, is the trade organization in North America that represents the vital interests of stock archives of every size, from individual photographers to large corporations, who license images for commercial reproduction. Founded in 1951, its membership includes over 100 companies in North America and over 50 international members.


Through advocacy, education and communication, PACA strives to foster and protect the interests of the picture archive community. Accordingly, we work to develop useful business standards and promote ethical business practices; actively advocate copyright protection; collect and disseminate timely information; and take an active role in the picture community by building relationships with organizations from related industries.