Craig CrutchField of McGarrah Jessee Chooses Food Photographer Dick Patrick

February 9, 2011

By Craig Crutchfield

© Dick Patrick Studios

Whataburger shot for McGarrah Jessee.

Dick Patrick’s experience on Whataburger supersedes my own. When McGarrah Jessee won the Whataburger business in 2003, our new clients encouraged us to maintain a working relationship with Dick. We were asked to at least give him a shot because they felt like he was the right man for the job. And if it didn’t go well, then we were free to find someone else. That was eight years ago, and we¹re happy to report that Dick is still the right man for the job. Why? He’s very sharp and very talented. He’s proud of his work, but not arrogant. He’s thorough and consistent, yet remains inspired each time we work together and pursues every shot with passion and a keen eye. These are attributes that we look for in creative partners, and when you add to the mix that Dick is a great guy to be around, well, it’s easy to see why we¹ve stuck with him.

Shooting food, as many know all too well, is difficult. Getting the right shot is slow, meticulous and oftentimes stressful. Transparent pickles, fatty bits of meat, an odd-shaped bun, that one weird French fry, these are just a few of the daily pitfalls on set and make for no easy walk in the park for our photographer. Thankfully, Dick works with some of the most talented food stylists in the industry and they all work to make the best product possible. That gives us great peace of mind that our food will be mouth watering to the fellow driving down the freeway at 60mph and the person standing in the restaurant about to order.

Whataburger is a client with a long, rich history that we have a ton of respect for. And we trust Dick to help us build the brand. We¹re pretty darn picky about such things but we don¹t hesitate for a second to pick up the phone and schedule a shoot with him.

Client: Whataburger

McGarrah Jessee, Austin, TX

Craig Crutchfield – Sr. Designer

Brian Jordan – Copywriter

Alisha Sare – Account Executive