Ramy Haynes Captures Success

February 11, 2011

By Barbara Goldman

© Remy Haynes

Connecting the dots for  the Evolve-Ment project.

Last year profiled Los Angles–based photographer Remy Haynes about her Currency Project . Her own photography business had taken a dive because of the bad economy, and she decided she had to reinvent herself through new projects.  Through still photography and video she began to tell the stories of other people like herself who lost jobs and had to start over. 

Remy Haynes discovered that troubling times often motivate people to make changes in their lives that can surprise us and turn out to be for the good.  “I really wanted to do a project where I could connect with other people and talk about what we were all going through,” Haynes said.

In addition to putting the pictures and videos of her subjects on her  Web site, Haynes wrote a book about the project and held an exhibit   at the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica last spring.   Over 4,000 people came to the exhibit over the course of a month and the gallery sold all of the 150 copies of The Currency Project book.


With this kind of enthusiasm and success, Haynes had to keep the momentum going and decided that she could take the project and its business model further and start a company that would enable others to grow and evolve for themselves and for others.   She felt that being behind the camera could further prospects for herself, for her subjects and for the public.  So Haynes came up with the company name, Evolve-Ment. Like the Currency Project, the goal behind Evolve-Ment is to continue to help people see and feel how they are making a difference in their lives and how this affects others with their efforts.  But with Evolve-Ment Haynes’ goal is to help people build “a community” that is “hardwired” or person to person vs. a “softwired” community like Facebook or Twitter.  Haynes saw that with the Currency Project her subjects felt special with a human-to-human connection and realized that all their stories are truly universal and can be important and of interest to people all over the world.  Haynes even saw the impact it had on her own life and work and how she too needed the persperson-to-person connection and needed to do more than stand behind a lens and shoot photos. 


With Evolve-Ment Haynes will provide public relations, sales and marketing components that will help the subjects grow their businesses, as well as help others in their communities to do the same.  Evolve-Ment is about listening, sharing and building communities within communities.  Haynes’ goal is to have people all over the country and the world virtually working for and with Evolve-Ment, helping one another get through the hard times with positive stories, positive reinforcement, and face-to-face communication ── the real kind of networking.  “We all have a story to tell,” she explains.  “And we all need to be heard and of course, seen.”


Big things are in store for Remy Haynes, and we know we will be seeing and hearing more from her. See these projects and more at  at,  and still under construction but soon to be released,