A Story in Every Seat

March 9, 2011

By Barbara Goldman

© Clay Hayner

New Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus lines lifestyle imagery.

Greyhound, based in Dallas, TX, and Peter Pan, out of Springfield, MA, with its  bus routes in the northeastern United States, decided to make the leap into a new lifestyle campaign with creative and interactive agency HCK2 partners,,  also based in Dallas.  HCK2 reached out to a photo rep in their own neighborhood, Jennifer Lafond, Lafond represents photographer Clay Hayner, a very talented and innovative storytelling-lifestyle shooter, who she thought would be perfect for the job. Hayner also has a lot of friends in the right places and that also became very appealing for a photo shoot on a tight budget that required lots of location shooting.

The HCK2 creative team, including Sr. Art Director Melissa Villamizar, Sr. Account Executive Taylor Clary along with client Nichole Recker, Sr. Marketing Manager for Greyhound, wanted to show a diverse range of people who use the bus and just how easy and fun it can be. The concept behind the campaign was that not only is the bus journey an enjoyable experience, but that Greyhound and Peter Pan offer all kinds of bargain rates for shoppers, professionals, sports fans, commuters and students. There’s something for everyone.

For this production, Hayner had to tell several stories and use different locations for each. This is where Hayner’s buddies and his very persuasive charm kicked in. He was able to use a friend’s clothing store for half a day to convey a shopping spree, he got people at a major college campus to let him use their stadium for free for a sports fan story, Account Executive Clary made the contribution of her own backyard for one of the shoots, and Hayner even got to use his own rescue dog Cassius for one of the stories. 

To make Hayner’s job even more challenging, the photos will be used throughout the next two years, meaning despite shooting in January the photos couldn’t look season-specific. He had to get very creative with his camera angles so as not to show any kind of dead winter look or anything that hinted of the season. 

The photo shoot was a huge success. Greyhound and Peter Pan could not have been more please or impressed. HCK2’s contact at Peter Pan even stated last week that the photography from the shoot was the best he’s ever seen. The new Greyhound and Peter Pan images will be used all over the Internet for web advertising, for signage and for billboards in the Northeast.

Clay Hayner loves his work. He loves to capture that special moment and it shows. Recently, he was recognized for his talent and creativity with his first ADDY award in the category of “Elements of Advertising” for his Haggar Look Book Fall 2010 campaign.    

When Hayner is not traveling around the world photographing people and places, he is rescuing and fostering stray dogs for many of the shelters in Dallas.  He does work for the SPCA, The Boxer Rescue, Animal Rescue of Texas, among others and has three rescue dogs of his own.

You can see more of Clay Hayner’s award-winning work, his blog and his rescued dogs at  

Client: Greyhound & Peter Pan Buses, Nichole Recker, Sr. Marketing Manager

Ad Agency: HCK2 Partners, Dallas, TX

Sr. Art Director: Melissa Villamizar

Sr. Account Executive: Taylor Clary

Photographer: Clay Hayner

Digital: Alex Lepe

1st Asst: Christopher Whitten

Stylist: Andrew Bayer

Hair and Make-up: Michelle Dick