Amanda Koster of SalaamGarage Pioneers New Wave of Journalism

March 18, 2011


Documentary, photojournalist and travel photographer Amanda Koster, founder of SalaamGarage, will  participate in a media lecture on a  new wave of journalism at the Jackson School of Internationlal Studies, University of Washington, Department of Communications, Seattle. The lecture is April  7, from 6-8PM and will focus on local pioneers and their approaches to global coverage and reporting of international news. SalaamGarage turns curious travelers into citizen journalists, mentoring them as they visit NGOs in developing communities and tells people’s stories through writing, photography and social media. SalaamGarage works in Guatemala, India and Ethiopia, to name a few. Koster is the founder of SalaamGarage and author of the  book, Can I Come With You? The book introduces the reader to several social documentary projects  Koster has worked on throughout the world.