Watertight: Diving Into Self Promotion

May 9, 2011

By Craig Pulsifer and Barbara Goldman

© Craig Pulsifer

The  Lowepro DryZone bag on a jungle adventure.

“You can’t feed a family on good intentions,” says Craig Pulsifer, a humanitarian/travel photographer, based in British Columbia, Canada.  “So, we’re putting our money where our mouth is to get the work that’s out there.”

A storyteller at heart,  Pulsifer has shot assignments in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Philippines, Peru, Ukraine and across North America.  He has pounded through 40-foot swells aboard the Bluenose II, done a backsmacker from a 50-foot high waterfall and had a 120-foot pine tree dropped on his head by a logger.

His work has been described as hopeful, commiserative and insightful, but Pulsifer is more than a storyteller. He’s a savvy businessperson with the chutzpah needed to break convention.
Case in point, while covering a story about “at risk” children in the Philippines earlier this year, Pulsifer doglegged east from Manila to Hidden Valley Springs Resort to shoot product stills of Lowepro’s DryZone waterproof camera bag.  “As an on-spec piece, I needed a product I believed in that in someway represents who I am and what I do; and to ultimately show off my team’s creative production skills,” says Pulsifer.
Once on the ground, Pulsifer hired local assistants to help capture audio and video of a storyline he had pre-visualized, which entailed the adventures of an athletic model carrying the Lowepro bag under a waterfall.  His original concept involved a jungle adventure with a self-assured female photojournalist hiking through dripping underbrush and along puddled pathways looking for that “perfect shot.”  The pace and tempo would build until she emerged from a waterfall with the bag on her back to pull out a long lens and capture the epic image she was after.  However, that story changed dramatically when the model he had booked missed her flight, forcing Pulsifer to do a re-write – becoming director, sound and cameraman as well as talent for the shoot.  His determination paid off with some solid footage.   

Once back in Canada, Pulsifer worked with an in-house composer and editor to crank out “Watertight,” a 60-second HD video that included an experimental soundtrack of zippers and clicks sampled from the actual Lowepro bag shot for the piece. He then showed the stills/motion package to Tracy Rendell, Marketing Manager at DayMen Canada, Lowepro’s parent company, who hooked him up with Sam Marsh, WW Photographer Relations/Marketing Communications Manager at Lowepro.

“Watertight” went live on the Lowepro site on April 14, 2011, and is being used to buzz the company’s Twitter and Facebook scene.
Pulsifer has it right with “Watertight” – there are more ways to success than through the front door. You can see more of his work at the stock agency, Aurora Photos  and on his Web site,