Heath Robbins Double Campaign for McDonalds

July 8, 2011

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Heath Robbins

McDonald's "Open All Night" campaign<br />

Heath Robbins was recently selected by the Boston office of Arnold Worldwide to shoot two different campaigns for McDonalds. Robbins had previously worked with both the Boston and Virginia offices and Art Producer John Paul Doguin explains that he was selected again for his solid portfolio. “Heath’s portfolio shows images of food that look appetizing and delicious and we knew he could capture the right energy.” In a two-week turnaround, Robbins and Arnold Worldwide creatives produced simple, fun and effective images for both the “Open All Night” and “Toast Your Town” concepts.

Approval for the shoot was only given a week beforehand, so Robbins and his team had a limited amount of time to prepare. They ordered custom made props and conducted their own talent casting over a two-day period, choosing from hundreds of models that filtered into his studio thanks to a casting call from his in-house rep/producer Jenna Teeson. Both art directors were all present at the casting, giving Robbins more time to discuss concepts and execution. “It was a great time to talk in more detail about lighting and camera angles; how to capture the afterhours look of one campaign and the bright and energetic feel of the other” said Robbins.

The shoot itself spanned three days and consisted of an army of talented crew members. Along with Heath’s team and the Arnold creatives, a prop stylist, manicurist, food stylist and assistant food stylist were hired to make the campaigns look their best. Robbins used a Hasselblad H3 camera with 120 mm macro lens and multiple Dynalites for two different lighting set ups per concept. He was even able to produce extra shots thanks to great teamwork and preparation, and the project wrapped up with a celebration dinner for everyone involved.

Art Director Jamie Reiley had nothing but positive things to say about Robbins and his team. “You feel as though you’ve been friends with the entire studio for a long time because of how comfortable you are being there.” This is the kind of environment that Robbins aims to provide. “Partnership, integrity and attention to detail is the basis of our commitment and the result is an atmosphere of professionalism and fun. We like to think of it as having fun achieving perfection,” he explains.

Both campaigns can be seen on the streets of New York, Washington D.C. and Maryland. To see more of Heath Robbins’ work, visit his Web site.