Caesar Lima Shoots the Big Hair Story

August 18, 2011

By Barbara Goldman

© Caesar Lima

Big Hair created for Cheveux photo series with model Michelle Arenal.

Los Angeles-based fashion and beauty photographer Caesar Lima in a creative collaboration with Daven Mayedan and Leibi Carias, shoots  big hair hair for this Cheveux photo series. Hair has always been a  big element of female beauty. It frames the face and Lima explores the possibilities in an exaggerated manner. In the 18th century big hair was  the “in” thing and many styles were modelled over a cage frame or horsehair pads – the bigger the better. Some immensely tall coiffures took hours to create and were heavily starched and powdered.  See a  small preview of the  the Cheveux shoot here. Big is Beautiful!

Photography by Caesar Lima
Hair by Daven Mayeda
Makeup by Leibi Carias
Model: Michelle Arenal