Character and High-Tech Services with Photogroup Studio Rental

August 3, 2011

By Barbara Goldman

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World War II-era factory space with corner cyc at Photogroup.

If you are looking for a spacious photo studio with pre- and post- production facilities, a ready-to-serve staff and a touch of character, then  Photogroup Studio Rental  in the D.C. Metro area is an ideal choice for your next shoot.  Originally created 30 years ago in an old torpedo factory, the owner Barry Soorenko moved the studio 15 years ago to its current location, an old abandoned World War II-era factory, now located in a vibrant district on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.

“The studio started as a ‘working studio’ with the occasional rental. The Metro D.C. area has very few buildings with high ceilings and character.  We wanted a place where photographers could get inspired by their environment; a place with industrial charm but with a modern current aura,” says owner Soorenko.  To keep that industrial charm intact, Soorenko had the architect maintain the visual  integrity of the original factory.  Many of the factory elements such as the cat walk, spiral staircase, large skylight fans  remain and just give the studio an added warehouse aesthetic to its top notch, high-tech  services.

Photogroup is a drive-in studio and  provides abundant space to both clients and photo/film crews.  It consists of four studios:  a daylight studio with a corner cyc (23’x37’), a main studio with a large cyc (62’x32’) and two smaller studios (both 32’x30’).  Photogroup is also equipped with a large kitchen, client mezzanine lounge overlooking the main studio, large prep areas, makeup stations, private rooms, offices and a front lobby. The two-story studio building is also equipped with vast storage areas where they are able to keep walls, sets, scaffolding, seamless of every color, props and other interesting items to utilize for photo shoots.  Everything is available and right at the fingertips of clients and production crews.

The studio is conveniently located with a short 15-minute drive to downtown D.C., close to the three major airports and train station and is situated on a vibrant pedestrian walkway near restaurants and cafes. Photogroup also provides private office areas for clients or crew when quiet space is needed.

Photogroup can accommodate clients on absolutely everything from pre-production through the shoot, to post-production, and they have the space and resources to do so. “Our clients trust us with all of the stages of a shoot and because we offer all of these inclusive skills and services, we offer more convenience than many other studios,” adds Studio Services Liaison Kiki Cardenas.  The studios contain digital tech offices where  they can perform retouching and post-production services with their skilled digital technicians.  Photogroup can also hold live casting sessions on a regular basis,  can handle large groups for this purpose and also offers location scouting and production on all levels.

With so many services and resources, Photogroup has become a favorite and host to many photo productions and TV commercials.  Their prime location in a bustling neighborhood that is home to fabulous restaurants and chic shopping also helps to attract major clients.  Maytag chose Photogroup because it was a short train ride from New York City in a terrific area and production costs were so reasonable.

Best of all, the Photogroup Rental Studio allows for maximum workflow, the staff  is more than glad to take care of any necessity,  they enjoy helping their clients and love to have fun.  There’s no cramping of style with Photogroup Rental Studio. 

You can see more of the studio’s layout and get perspective on the space by clicking  here.  With Photogroup Rental Studio you can have it your way and be assured that the staff is always working to make your next production a success.  


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