Alison McCreery of Photographers on Photography Chooses Jason Madara

September 5, 2011

By Alison McCreery

© Jason Madara

HP shoot in collaboration with Nice Collective Label.

http://www.creative-i.comOver the past year writing the blog POP (Photographers on Photography) I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many photographers, all of whom offer a unique vision. Without hesitation, Jason Madara is one of the most inspired and who, by staying true to his vision and letting his passions inspire his work, has integrated his influences and interests into a finely-tuned and recognizable style that he brings to his prolific and varied commercial and editorial assignments.

I also get the opportunity to talk with a lot of art buyers and reps in the course of writing the interviews. A consistent theme has been that with access to social media and the rising interest in personal work, art buyers are looking to get to know the photographers they hire and to work and collaborate with photographers who bring the same level of inspiration to their commercial work as they do their personal projects. I spent hours with Jason looking at images and hearing the stories behind each project. We spent nearly the same amount of time on in-depth discussions about his favorite filmmakers, architects, photographers and designers and about his personal work, shot mostly at night or hanging out of helicopters and bush planes above the Alaska mountains and New York City.

He brought equal enthusiasm to discussions of one-day solo editorial shoots as he did to two-week jobs shot on location at iconic mid-century modern homes built by some of his heroes. When I asked him what his dream job would be, his response was ‘Bring me anything. I love the challenge.” It is this genuine passion and enthusiasm for what he does that drives his epic vision.

The images here are  from a two-location HP shoot that was a close collaboration with Founder/Creative Director Tom Antal of CREATIVE i in Palo Alto. Together, Jason and Tom concepted the fashion shoot for HP with the Nice Collective label. The locations were the Frank Sinatra house in Palm Springs and the Van Nuys Airport. The idea was to throw their 50’s and 60’s inspired designs back in time. The budget didn’t have room for a blimp, so he rented a ‘62 DC-3.  See more of Jason Madara’s work at

 See more of Jason Madara’s work at

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