Kellie Bingman of McKinney Relies on Local Photography Talent

December 2, 2011

By Kellie Bingman

© Tony Pearce

Every national agency needs to rely on great local photography from time to time.  A strong relationship with a local photographer(s) provides mutual benefit.  The photographer grows with the agency, gaining exposure and varied experience; the agency gains agility and cost-efficiency.  Direct communication is key in working through any shoot and having local access only facilitates the process.  Our local photographers are adaptable, quick and responsive.  In a climate of decreasing budgets and timing, working locally is a win-win situation.  Or perhaps I should say win-win-win since the agency gets the added bonus of supporting local business and investing in the community.

Will Dean, an art director at McKinney, says, “Local photographers are a great resource when projects are rushed, which they often are. Because of those types of quick-turnaround scenarios, we work with local photographers often.”  “Once you get to know how a photographer likes to work, what they’re comfortable with shooting, and what did and didn’t work last time, the entire process becomes easier, less formal – more enjoyable for everyone. You can just roll up your sleeves and get after it,” explains Dean. “And in our case, we enjoy working with people we’re comfortable around and trust – so we seek them out to work with again and again (even for the not-so-rushed jobs). Everybody likes to work with people they know and enjoy.”

We at McKinney are lucky to have several talented local photographers who are always ready to step up and collaborate on a project. In particular we’ve developed a wonderful relationship with Tony Pearce.

Tony has worked with McKinney for more than 20 years and in that time he has developed significant relationships with our art directors. We know that Tony puts in the extra effort to go above and beyond and has become indispensable. Philp Marchington, EVP, Group Creative Director, “The most important thing for me about working with local photographers is the ability to develop tight relationships with them that one can’t generally with shooters elsewhere. This has been especially true with Tony Pearce who over the years has shot a lot for us on Travelocity amongst other clients. Getting to know one another’s tastes and expectations has helped enormously especially on very quick turn around work.” You can see more of  Tony Pearce’s work at his site,