Heath Robbins Provides Versatility and Ambience at HR Studio

February 1, 2012

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Heath Robbins

Food and lifestyle photographer Heath Robbins has been photographing for over twenty years, with highly visible campaigns from top clients such as his recent McDonalds “Toast Your Town” concept on billboards and bus stops in New York City, Washington D.C. and Baltimore. As Robbins business grew, so did his need to shoot within a studio space, so he invested in his own just outside of Boston. HR Studio was opened in 2007 and is located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

After several months of demolition, careful redesign and renovations, HR Studio became both his personal business space and a resource for other photographers while he is shooting on location. His in-house rep and producer, Jenna Teeson, comments, “This studio is the space that Heath always wanted to be the home base for his business.” With 9,500 square feet to work with, Robbins’ studio has space that caters to his line of work in food and lifestyle photography but also provides adaptable space for other projects. What was most important to Robbins was to provide a multifaceted resource for his clients. “Heath intentionally designed a huge and versatile space that maintains a warm ambience that puts clients at ease,” Teeson explains.

Features of the studio include exposed brick, original stained hardwood floors, paintable walls, a stocked prop room and a separate client conference room with a live feed from the on-set monitor to a 42” television screen. There is a fully functional kitchen and residential-looking spaces for food and lifestyle shoots, as well as an area with two walls that mimic the exterior and interior of a real home. For those who require a blank canvas to work with, 3,000 square feet of the studio, called “The Other Side,” is dedicated to white walls and flexible space. The best feature of the studio is the daylight, which permeates the entire space through twenty-three massive ten-foot windows. The light transforms the furnished areas to create a sense of comfort and bounces off the walls of the white area for beautiful available light on hand.

Food stylists are always thrilled to work in Robbins’ studio due to the fully loaded high-end appliances and a moveable island for styling and shooting within the kitchen. The kitchen area was a key component for a recent three-day shoot for client BJ’s Wholesale Club. The spring-themed shoot took place on a wintery day all within the confines of Robbins’ easily transformable space. For one concept, the kitchen was utilized for a woman preparing food, while the food and products themselves were shot on seamless. An outdoor patio set and an exterior home set were photographed using the faux exterior wall with a built-in window and clapboard sliding. “We really flexed our diverse capabilities and the studio capacity,” says Teeson.

Incoming clients will find a full-service studio from start to finish.  Production, casting and retouching services are all offered. The camera gear includes a Hasselblad H3DII, a Hasselblad 501c with a Phase One P20 + digital back and Zeiss C series lenses. For lighting, they offer Dynalite Roadmax packs and heads as well as Chimera light modifiers. On-Set capture includes a Macbook Pro and 30” NEC LCD color corrected screen.

HR Studio is located at 1 Watson Place in Framingham, Massachusetts. To learn more about services or to rent the space, contact or call (508) 877-7259. To view Heath Robbins’ work, visit his Web site.