Photo Editor Mercedes Vizcaino of All You Magazine Selects Photographer Chayo Mata

February 1, 2012

By Mercedes Vizcaino

© Chayo Mata

I have read many blog posts recently on topics ranging from how to break in to editorial photography to why editors continuously work with the same talent and rarely try new people. I’ll get on the hot seat and answer these pressing questions. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Chayo Mata for the past six  years at All You Magazine. She’s my go-to photographer for shooting interiors, usually in studios, around New York City. Not only does she produce great imagery, she brings a wealth of ideas on how to execute our productions to get the best results. Her personable demeanor and eagerness to please different-minded editors is valuable to our magazine: a beautifully designed publication  for the value-conscious American woman under the Time Inc. umbrella  that serves to be aspirational and affordable to its readers.

Chayo’s work encompasses fashion, beauty, fitness, and she’s recently ventured into the food arena with an exciting new cookbook, soon to be published. What makes Chayo stand out among so many skilled and talented photographers is her ability to make subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera. The ease in which she captures real people and professional models on film, translates in her photography; she makes their best features come to life in every picture she snaps, and is very succinct in guiding them to reach this goal. I’ve been producing shoots for quite some time and have come across all types of photographers that go the extra mile, or many that let their ego get in the way of producing great work for the client. And in the end, I always come back to those photographers that deliver images that elevate the look of the publication and give  150 percent.   In this case, Chayo Mata.

Note:   In October 2011 Chayo Mata  photographed herself   ( top image below) and others  for The Portraits of Cancer Survivors for the Global Fashion Fight Exhibit.  All of those images from the exhibit can be viewed on her beauty blog  

Chayo Mata  can be contacted at her Web  site: She is represented  by: CHARLES WILLIAMS REPRESENTATIVE
Williams Image Group
220 E. 42nd Street, Suite 407
 New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212 279 8574
Cell: 347 426 5286
Fax: 212 279 8578


caho mata survivor

Self portrait of Chayo Mata as a Portrait of Cancer Survivor  for Global Fashion Fight Exhibit.


caho mato beauty

Beauty by Chayo Mata

chayo mata shoes

Product by Chayo Mata

chayo fashion

Fashion by Chayo Mata