Francesco Tonelli Photographs for Brasserie Pushkin, Cooking Light and Noblesse Korea

March 27, 2012

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Francesco Tonelli

A dish from Brasserie Pushkin in New York.

Francesco Tonelli is a master chef and photographer who has brought his savory dishes and photographs all over the world from his home city of Milan, to France, Switzerland Canada and the United States. He recently photographed dishes for the newly opened high end Russian restaurant Brassiere Pushkin in New York City. A full gallery of his images can be seen on their Web site.

Tonelli also shot a spread for Noblesse Korea on Eleven Madison Park executive chef Daniel Humm and he photographed the cover of April’s Cooking Light with creative director Carla Frank, food stylist Susan Sugarman and prop stylist Philippa Brathwaite. For more of Tonelli’s work, visit his Web site.