iRobot, Do You?

June 3, 2012

By Barbara Goldman

© Kara Kochalko

 iRobot, Do You? print campaign

Some people become very attached to their appliances.  They can even develop special relationships with their machines and technology. Case in point is the Roomba. Roombas were designed for cleaning, but they also keep people company, play with pets (or rather pets torture and play with them) and can be fun and entertaining.

In the nearly 10 years since the little robot-like cleaning devices hit the market, Roomba manufacturer iRobot has sold over 7.5 million units worldwide.  This past spring, to celebrate all these Roomba owners, iRobot and  advertising agency Mullen of Boston, Massachusetts, set up a YouTube page for a new TV, print and online campaign with the tagline, “iRobot, Do You?”  Roomba users were encouraged to submit videos of themselves doing their very best iRobot dance moves and selected winners from the contest get a free Roomba.

“Through research and observation, we discovered that the Roomba isn’t just another appliance in the home. Owners develop a real relationship with the technology. They name them, talk to them, they become like a pet or member of the family. We wanted to highlight the unique relationship between Roomba and owner. There’s a fun, playful, liberating effect when the Roomba is doing the work for you. We brought it to life, appropriately, with a nod to robot dancing.  Also, with ‘iRobot. Do you?’ we chose to turn the company name into a statement of something you do. It’s a unique club you belong to when you own a robotic vacuum. This campaign was developed to celebrate Roomba owners, as well as welcome prospective new ones,” says Brian Tierney, Group Creative Director of Mullen, as he explains the background for the concept.

In addition to the iRobot video TV spots on national cable, Mullen also wanted   accompanying print and online components for the campaign.  Director of Art Production Tracy Maidment went to M Doucette Production in Boston for the print ads.  “A little over a year ago when I opened my business, Tracy called me in right away, as they (Mullen) have an in-house photo studio and knew they could use some freelance photo production,” says owner and founder Michele Doucette.  Doucette and her photo production company rounded out the advertising effort with iRobot ads for print and online.  

Since Doucette and Maidment had already worked together previously, the collaboration was smooth and easy going.  The casting for print had to have the right talent with the right look to ensure that all the personalities they chose fit the video characters.

Word has certainly gotten out about M Doucette Production’s skills, their experience and attention to detail for each project. They have been quite busy this past year with a number of varied assignments. Other production work has been for a Pin Up Calendar campaign with Aigner Premsky Marketing and Philip’s Design Group, with all proceeds going to Community Servings, a not-for-profit food and nutrition program.  They also worked on ESPN with the Boston Bruins, several campaigns for Keds, Au Bon Pain and Tribe Humus. M Doucette Production has also gone international and is producing a big shoot in Boston with H&M from the UK and other recent inquires for estimates have come from Italy, England and Mexico

The “iRobot, Do You?” print and online advertising has been one more success story for the team.  “Mullen loves working with Michele Doucette Production! No matter the task, deadline or budget, Michele always finds a way to get it done, and always with a smile on her face. With her experience and vast array of resources her clients are ensured a quality production time-and-time again,” says Maidment.

Submissions for the “iRobot, Do You?”video dance contest closed on May 13 and winners are set be announced sometime in late May. It will be fun to see if the” iRobot, Do You?” dance winners can rumba as well as the suave Roombas. You can find more information, see lots more imagery from campaigns and read the news and the latest blogs for M Doucette Production at the site,



Creative Credits for Print
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Product:  Roomba® vacuum
Campaign:  iRobot. Do you?
Agency:  Mullen (Boston)
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Group Creative Director/Copywriter:  Brian Tierney
Associate Creative Director/Art Director:  Jesse Blatz
Photographer:  Kara Kochalko
Director of Art Production:  Tracy Maidment
Director of Print Production:  AJ Hodgson
Print/Online: M Doucette Production

Creative Credits for TV
Client:  iRobot
Product:  Roomba® vacuum
Campaign: iRobot. Do you?
Agency:  Mullen (Boston)
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Group Creative Director/Copywriter:  Brian Tierney
Creative Director/Art Director:  Jesse Blatz
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Viral Video Credits
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SpotTitle/Airdate: Dance Robolution 4/16/12
Agency: Mullen
ChiefCreative Officer: Mark Wenneker
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Associate Creative Director/Art: Jesse Blatz
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
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