Brian Johnson at Texas Monthly Finds It with David Bowman

August 6, 2012

By Brian Johnson

© David Bowman

When it comes to assigning photography, there is little more rewarding than finding a freelancer who wants “it” as bad as you do. I’m not talking about someone that wants work—I’m talking about someone that wants IT. As we all know, “It” is elusive. “It” is often stubborn. “It” can be a bitch to even understand. However, when you find that person that is willing to jump in a van and live off of sardines and water for five days in search of it you get that buzz. The buzz that only comes from the charge of excitement associated with knowing that “It” will likely be on your desk, in your in-box, or being downloaded very soon. David Bowman is a freelance photographer. David Bowman eats sardines. David Bowman knows how to find “It”.

I have worked with David for many years, and his eagerness to go after “it” has never waned. This drive has delivered some of the most compelling images I have had the pleasure to work with and fostered one of the most collaborative and creative relationships of my career. From portraits to landscapes, David manages to capture moments that seemingly live between the blinks of our eyes: the moments you feel, and know to be true, but never actually see. David has never submitted an image to me that is expected. He has the unique ability to deliver what you asked for but in a way that you never knew you could get. That is one of the most wonderful qualities I can think of in a photographer. This is why I continue to hire David Bowman.

 Brian Johnson has been in the role of Associate Art Director for Texas Monthly for the past year while working remotely from Minnesota. In addition,  he  freelances as an art director and designer. Prior to that he was the Creative Director of Minnesota Monthly from 2001-2011.