Creative Director José Reyes of Metaleap Chooses Photographer Jeremy Cowart

October 4, 2012

By Jose Reyes

© Jeremy Cowart

&nbsp;Actress Jane Lynch for <em>Paste </em>Magazine.

To say that Jeremy Cowart  is the most talented and yet humble photographer I know would not be an exaggeration. His “aw shucks” attitude and winsome personality belies the incredible talent he wields on every shoot.

Jeremy and I worked together often on Paste magazine. During that time, I quickly discovered his talent at converting every impossible situation I gave him into a master class on how to spectacularly succeed when “little time, slim budget, and possibly difficult personalities” was half of the creative brief. The odds on failure with these projects was often huge, but with every project came success, so we pushed harder and harder, and the work that Jeremy produced gave us just enough brass to believe we could make the next project that much better.

Whether it was photographing Sam Beam from Iron & Wine looking like a modern day Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat; or having 15 minutes to shoot Christopher Guest and the cast from For Your Consideration in a conference room at the Toronto Film Festival; or making “Of Montreal’s” Kevin Barnes comfortable in a recording studio in the back offices of Paste, Jeremy never failed to surprise me—and I knew what he could do! Creative collaborations like this are one of the great gifts of working in the publication industry. To be given the freedom to create and in turn collaborate with photographers like Jeremy and allow them room to use their giftedness makes both doing the work more fun and its resulting product better.

These days Jeremy is shooting for film and TV, is an habitual contributor to Instagram, and continues to bring awareness to the tragedies that have befallen the least of this world, but without a doubt, his talent was instrumental in helping give Paste its soul.

José Reyes is the creative director and principal of Metaleap Creative, an Atlanta design firm specializing in print and publication design.

Photo by Jeremy Cowart/ Singer and songwriter Sam Beam of Iron & Wine.