International Supplies Launches New 5X Ultra Macro Lens

October 1, 2012

By Edited by Barbara Goldman

© International Supplies

 New Nanoha 5X Ultra Macro Lens

Recently, International Supplies, a leading distributor in the photo and video industry based in Inglewood, CA, launched a new macro lens for mirrorless cameras called the Nanoha. Built by Japanese lens makers Yasuhara, the Nanoha is a specialized lens that offers a much higher magnification than traditional macro lenses. It can achieve up to 5X magnification with a minimum f/11 aperture, taking macro photography to a whole new level.

To maximize optical performance, the Nanoha offers both 4X and 5X magnification, four aperture settings (f/11, f/16, f/22 and f/32), and it comes with a built-in LED illumination system to assist in shooting extremely small objects. The removable lighting module consists of three LED’s. It screws onto the front and is powered when connected via a USB cable to a computer or battery pack.

“The Nanoha is a supercharged macro lens that allows users to really explore objects on a microscopic level,” says General manager Doug Pircher of International Supplies. “This lens can blow up objects with such amazing detail that each pixel of the image is equal to just one micrometer of the target object. It’s truly insane what this macro lens can do and I can only imagine the fun photographers will have working with it.”  It is ideal for macro photographers, nature and outdoor photographers, and anyone who wants to explore objects on a microscopic level.  Your mirrorless camera can now go into the fantastic world of ultra close-up photography and videography and allows for microscopic optical capabilities without the use of a microscope. You can explore subjects from 11mm away and see details invisible to the naked eye, ideal for  nature and outdoor photographers.

The Nanoha uses ten-coated spherical lenses in seven groups to reduce reflection. It is made of steel so it is solidly built and it weighs 11 ounces.  This ultra macro lens is available in a Micro Four Thirds mount for Panasonic and Olympus Cameras, as well as the Sony NEX camera series. With a street price of $499.99, it comes with a USB cable, a portable USB power supply and a one-year warranty.

About International Supplies

International Supplies is a unique organization in that they are three in one with sales, marketing and distribution, plus nearly 30 years of experience.  They are one of the largest film, photographic paper and battery distributors in the world and are equipped to handle shipments to both large and small customers worldwide.

International Supplies actively searches for innovative companies, ideas and trends that have the potential to develop into new leading industry brands. The company likes to work with products and creative minds that they believe in and that they can mentor along the way for rewarding relationships.  They often help smaller start-up companies develop new products and technologies with their unique blend of product expertise, funding and marketing strategies. With targeted and effective advertising and promotional campaigns for their products, they bring solid brand recognition and public awareness to the marketplace.

International Supplies also participates in community service. They are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization that supports those men and women of the armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations around the world. The company is dedicated to spreading awareness about the Wounded Warrior organization’s noble cause.  For more information about International Supplies, the products they distribute and the causes they support, please visit