Michael Indresano Photographs Alexander McQueen Puma Collection

October 4, 2012

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Michael Indresano

Image for print ad in September issue of <em>Details.</em>

For two decades, Michael Indresano has carved out his place in the photography industry as one of the top advertising, product and portrait photographers in the New England area. His flawless technical skill, attention to detail and energetic style have garnered awards from the New York Art Directors Show, Communication Arts, Creativity International, Applied Arts, PX3 and more, and has drawn in a lengthy list of top clients, such as Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, BaskinRobbins, Eddie Bauer, Target, Dunkin Donuts, Reebok, Citigroup, Converse, Volkswagen, Fortune, Boston Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

One of Indresano’s latest projects was a print advertising shoot for Puma to be featured in the September and October issues of Details. His Account Executive, Lauren Jones, had been surprised to learn that he had never shot for Puma before despite his studio being located near their North American headquarters in Massachusetts. Indresano has been shooting footwear since the beginning of his career and has worked with most New England-area shoe companies, so Jones set up a meeting with Puma’s in-house agency to present his shoe portfolio. They immediately hired him to photograph their latest line in partnership with fashion house Alexander McQueen.

Indresano worked closely with Puma North America Creative Director Emily Salvatierra and stylist Verne Cordova to produce a vibrant pair of advertisements that stay true to the eccentric, high-fashion quality of the Alexander McQueen brand with the fresh, sporty Puma look. Indresano says that Salvatierra knew exactly what she wanted, but also allowed him to run with the ideas. “Coming up with the concepts was a huge collaborative effort between myself, the agency and the stylist,” he comments. “Emily was an amazing client to work for.”

Also on the project along with Indresano, Salvatierra and Cordova were Producer Caleb Raynor, Retoucher Emily Scalici, Digital Tech Jen Beauchesne and Account Executive Lauren Jones. The team had only a few days to source the props, shoot and finish post-production editing. 

One of Indresano’s strongest talents is his knack for studio lighting, and he often gravitates towards dramatic, vivid compositions. Despite the two shoes coming from the same line, they had very different looks, and Indresano found different challenges with each. With the red “Madeira” shoe, he got as much detail as possible out of the fur while preserving the highlights of the white soles. Indresano says he always tries to get the shot right during production and aims for perfection. “I’m very focused on getting the shot right in the camera to minimize the retouching and to preserve the grain of the leather,” he explains.

© Michael Indresano

In addition to his technical excellence, Indresano also says that patience, the ability to listen, and commitment to preparation, budgets and scheduling are some of the biggest assets he brings to the table. “I always strive to satisfy client’s needs, but I also want to exceed clients’ expectations on every shoot.” He also values the nature of group collaboration and makes every project a collaborative effort by assembling the perfect teams of stylists, retouchers and set builders. “Trusting their expertise is important,” he says.

The two Puma print ads of the Alexander McQueen line are out in the September and October issue of Details. Indresano also recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his studio with a red carpet celebration in late August of this year. Over 100 creatives and advertising executives showed up to celebrate in his 4,500-square-foot South Boston studio space.

For more of Michael Indresano’s work, visit his Web site.