Gail Mooney Speaks on Making a Movie Without a Hollywood Budget

February 13, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Gail Mooney

 Award-winning documentary "Opening Our Eyes."

Photographer and documentary filmmaker Gail Mooney will  discuss how to make a movie without a Hollywood budget and big crew at B&H Photo Video on Tuesday, March 19th  at 1:00 PM. The seminar will provide information on how to take a personal project from concept to reality and maximize its potential in the marketplace. Gail Mooney uses her film, Opening Our Eyes, Best Documentary at the 2012 Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, Best Documentary at the 2012 Orlando Film Festival, Utopian Visionary Award at the 2012 Utopia Film Festival and Best Humanitarian Documentary at the 2012 Bare Bones International Film Festival, as an example of how she made her project happen. Mooney will cover such topics as recognizing an idea, breaking a project down, logistics, PR, building an audience, post production and many other aspects that go into making a film happen.  For more details, please check B&H Photo Video here.  See more of Gail Mooney’s work at her site,