Kim Lowe Is Bursting with New Buuubbbbllles Promotion

February 1, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Kim Lowe

 Kids and Buuubbbbllles for new self promotion.

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble. OK, not quite Shakespeare or Harry Potter but photographer Kim  Lowe’s new self-promotion campaign, “Buuubbbbllles,” did get  double the fun, double the bubbles with gobs of enjoyable toil.  Kids and bubbles were the ingredients for a perfect recipe to capture joy and sheer delight in her new promotional campaign.

Lowe is a Boston- based advertising and editorial photographer who loves to capture kids and the truths of childhood.  She taps into a child’s world and is able to talk and connect with children on their level, which separates her work from so many other kids’ photographers.  Lowe is an art director turned photographer, so she understands the needs of clients from both sides of the camera. Her client list includes B. Toys, Wondertime, Fitness, Working Mother, Timberland, Stop & Shop, Fidelity, Smart Money and Golf Magazine.  Clients love working with her because she understands their side and how hard their jobs can be and enjoys collaborating and taking risks for them. She knows how to be flexible when needed, to take direction and then gets to add her special brand of creativity to take their vision to the next level.

Recently, Lowe started on a new piece to add to her “Kim Lowe is…” direct mail and e-promo series.  Her idea for the bubbles shoot was simply to capture children’s delight, joy and having a great time.   “With the previous promos I captured children on their own or with their parents so with this piece I wanted to show my abilities to shoot a large group of children,” says Lowe.  She cast about ten kids all ranging in age and personality.   Her crew consisted of an assistant, two bubble masters (which really means two crazy, fun friends) and one kid wrangler, Carly Higgins, together on a beautiful autumn afternoon.  She styled the kids in polka dots and colors and then trekked lights and gear up a hill in a lovely Boston park.  Lowe likes to shoot with as little gear as possible, the less technical clutter the better and less distraction for kids.  “We ended up only needing my Canon 5D Mark III and a couple lenses. I love shoots where the light is perfect without needing anything extra added in,” she says.

She was hoping for a shot of an utterly happy child. She got that and a whole lot more. The elation of “Buuubbbbllles” was contagious and her child wrangler had to wrangle not only kids but their parents as well. Grownups were drawn into the fun and energy as much as the kids and could barely be kept out of the shots.  Kids had the time of their lives, were exhausted and drenched in bubble mix, and Lowe got the epitome of what she tries to capture in her photography—childhood joy and memories that help adults go back to that time as well.

© Kim Lowe

Response has always been strong to Lowe’s promotional series overall, but especially to the “Buuubbbbllles” promo in particular. “Almost half of the 2,000 creatives, ranging from art directors and art buyers to photo editors, mostly all working on childrens’ products and brands who received this epromo clicked through to my Web site or to the pdf I created of the entire “Buuubbbbllles” series,” says Lowe.  She  created a pdf  for download because it was important to Lowe to show the entire series. It would also let creatives have access to the full shoot, as one photograph could not capture it all. Andrea Becker, a Boston-based Creative Director responded to the e-promo saying, “I love love love the color palette and captured moments of this series!! It makes being a kid look like a total blast. And I love that the bubbles are the supporting cast. Gorgeous as always.” Gisela Voss, a client of Lowe’s from DoodleDo, sent an email in response “You always capture the soul of your subjects—and the moment. Keep sharing!”
The latest promotion was emailed one month ago with a printed postcard promotion in the process for mailing now.  After each epromo, Lowe does a follow-up with a printed direct-mail piece to a smaller audience of about 250 within a month or two. With each of her oversized postcards, she keeps it simple—just a postcard with no extra packaging. “I really think this was an important promotional series for me because I had just narrowed my target audience by deciding to shoot young people and children instead of trying to shoot everything for everyone. It was exhausting trying to be a photographer to suit every creative’s needs for years,” she explains.  With this series and her targeted marketing strategy, Lowe has helped to reintroduce and reinforce herself and show just how fully she connects with her subjects and truly understands children. The tag that accompanies each promo is “To get a great shot of a child, you have to become that child.”  The tag and the work represent who Lowe is and what she does best.   

Kim Lowe is….series © Kim Lowe

By doing what comes naturally, Lowe has brought a real focus to her work. “Buuubbbbllles” has been both a personal and business success for her—she gets to connect with children only the way she can do and to reach and inspire a creative audience with new assignments.

You can see Kim Lowes’ entire “Buuubbbbllles” series here, and be sure to tap into your inner child at her Web site.