Photo Editor Monica Bradley at Scientific American Chooses Dan Saelinger as Her A+Photographer

February 1, 2013

By Monica Bradley

© Dan Saelinger

&nbsp;Recent work from Dan Saelinger for <em>Scientific American</em>.

Working with my favorite photographers is effortless. They are photographers who have a passion for image-making and visual communication.  They are talented, smart and have a deep love for what they do.  

Dan Saelinger is one of these photographers.  When I hang up from a creative call with Dan I have a smile on my face and full confidence that I will get what I need and then some.  There are a number of A+ qualities that exist in Dan that make him the superstar he is.

Quality of photography:  Simply stated, he is a fantastic photographer.  He possesses superb, consistent and unique visions, beautiful composition and color, spot-on lighting, and fun-filled creativity.  His understanding of visual communication in individual situations and within the larger photography world is inspiring.

 © Dan Saelinger

Quality of work ethic and passion: He brings his ’A’ game.  Every. Single. Time. There is nothing worse than hiring a great photographer and getting less than average results.  I love to work with professionals like Dan who bring the same effort and passion to my assignment as they as they would bring to their biggest advertising job and to their personal art project.  I want to work with people who can’t help but make the best photographs possible every time they press that button.

Quality of relationship and collaboration: I have a commitment to making great images but I have a larger commitment to creating images that are right for the audience and the magazine I work for.  In this spirit, I need to work with photographers like Dan who bring great ideas and solutions to the table, are flexible and able to collaborate.

 © Dan Saelinger

Quality of personality and attitude:  Dan is a joy to be around.  He treats his clients, assistants, models, studio techs and everyone who walks onto his set with openness and equality.  It is very important to me that the people I work with are kind and respectful to everyone as a way of life. I enjoy working with approachable and easy people who don’t take themselves too seriously.  If we can have a few laughs, all the better.

It feels unsatisfactory to close without mention of some of my other favorites:  Craig Cutler, Grant Delin, Andrew Hetherington, Floto + Warner, David Liittschwager, Travis Rathbone, Kevin Van Aelst, Adam Voorhes and Zachary Zavislak; I hope to work with you again very soon!

Monica Bradley, Photo Editor, Scientific American Magazine