Wendy Hope Explores Bejeweled Beauty for New You

February 4, 2013

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Wendy Hope

Makeup artist Paul Innis applied individual Swarovski crystals in a rainbow gradient pattern across the twin models' brows.

Beauty magazine New You is a brand new publication with a staff consisting of some of the top creatives and editors in the industry, coming together from Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour and more. For the premiere issue, Photo Editor and Producer Inna Khavinson reached out to New York City-based photographer Wendy Hope to check her interest and availability on shooting a main well feature beauty story called “Crown Jewels.” The concept centered around a “bejeweled” theme, incorporating jewelry accessories for the hair and jeweled tones for makeup and nails. Hope’s imagery is crisp and vibrant, and she approaches each project like a mathematician finding the solution to a mathematical problem. “I am fascinated by beauty and look at each element as a puzzle to be solved,” Hope explains.

After a detailed conference call with Khavinson, Design Director Jamie Lipps, Beauty and Style Editor Melissa Foss and Fashion Editor Mindy Smith, Hope assembled her own creative team to produce a unique spin on the concept. “It is essential to have a beauty team that you have that special chemistry with and have a common language when doing high concept work and collaborating together,” she says. She asked Paul Innis, celebrity makeup artist for Avon, and an “invaluable collaborator” to her shoots the past year to join her, for both his innovative ideas and his execution of concepts. Individual Swarovski crystals would need to be applied one at a time in gradient and rainbow designs, requiring a makeup artist with flawless technical skill. Nail technician Chiharu and Sebastian Professional hair stylist Anthony Cole, who she comments is the “master of engineering looks with texture and unusual shapes,” were also asked to join her.

© New You/Photos by Wendy Hope

When Hope began looking for a model for the beauty series, the project began to evolve. While casting, she was presented with a pair of twins represented by New York Models and “the concept for the shoot took on a whole new dimension,” she says. After campaigning to open the story with the twins, the shoot became a prolific creative collaboration for the entire team. Hope planned out six shots, but six quickly turned to twelve on set once her shutter started firing.

© New You/Photos by Wendy Hope

Hope shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 100mm macro lens. She set up her new Profoto Pro-8 lights along with a beauty dish and fill and a clean white backdrop. Hope is a big advocate of the Pro-8s, commenting, “When I’m inspired and excited, I shoot super fast and they have a faster recycle time. It can make such a difference and prevents any technical issues.”

Design Director Jamie Lipps says he needed a photographer who could improve upon his rough concept and transform it, and Hope did just that. “Wendy was able to gather great ideas coming from seemingly every direction and streamline them into one vibrant, sophisticated, gorgeous piece for the premiere issue of New You,” he explains. “We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the result.”

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