Erik Isakson Shoots New Water Sports Series for Blend Images

March 18, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Erik Isakson

 Water sports shot for Blend Images.

Advertising and editorial action, adventure, sports and lifestyle photographer Erik Isakson has a new series of water sports images that he produced for with Art Director Jim Doherty.  There is an accompanying behind-the-scenes video from the shoot that can be seen  here.  Isakson also has new  yoga images with yoga guru Eoin Finn, shot for the January 2013 cover of Reader’s Digest, working with  Photo Editor Chantal Levesque, and he shot hurdling images for Sports Illustrated Kids magazine with Photo Editor Annmarie Avila. See even more on his site at

Hurdling for Sports Illustrated Kids/©  Erik Isakson