Gil Lavi Captures All American Sidewalks

March 12, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Gil Lavi

New York-City-based Gil Lavi continues his Sidewalk project. Sidewalk is  almost two year old and Lavi has been working on it since he move  to the U.s. from Israel on an artist’s visa.  He takes photos of where he walks all over the U.S.  and keeps  a visual diary  of his journy  with his sidewalk  photography.    Through these images, he looks at American symbols, consumption,  fashion, relationships to guns, generic places like food restaurants, sub cultures as in the Amish, as well as the food habits on the sidewalks of NYC. He captures national celebrations and symbols that we come to think of as All American. See more on his site at,

Sidewalks/©  Gil Lavi