Jena Cumbo Shoots Co-Eds on Spring Break and Internet Dating

March 26, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Jena Cumbo

 Co-eds in Cancun for Spring Break.

Lifestyle and fashion photographer  Jena Cumbo, a photographer with has two new projects in the works.  Recently she shot Spring Breakers that involved a week’s worth of Spring Break in Cancun  documenting the daytime and nightlife antics of college co-eds on the loose  there with a drinking age of 18. Cumbo’s second project is n ongoing  and called “We Met On the Internet,”  It  docuements portraits of couples that met in various ways on the Internet. She teamed  up with writer Gina Tron who is conducting interviews and writing brief synopsis on each couple. See more on the Internet dating project here.

Internet Dating/© Jena Cumbo