Lincoln Barbour Captures Science and Art for Fleischmann’s Yeast Campaign

April 2, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Lincoln Barbour

 Cornucopia for Fleischmann's Yeast campaign.

Nothing may be more beautiful, more tempting or more comforting than the sight of freshly baked bread.  Award-winning photographer Lincoln Barbour, based in Portland, Oregon, is an expert at capturing that kind of creature comfort for advertising, commercial and editorial clients. His work focuses on architecture/interiors, lifestyle, food, and how they all relate to one another. Barbour has been a professional photographer since 2002 and has been published in numerous magazines all over the world.  His many clients include such names in advertising as CMD, Costco, Nike, Oracle, Panasonic, Red Bull and editorial work for American Way, Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appetit, Dwell, Elle Décor, Gourmet, Fitness and many other top publications.

Art director Emily Hoyne of the Olson Agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, first saw one of Barbour’s delectable food images on and immediately thought of him for the agency’s new Fleischmann’s Yeast campaign, “The Science You Should Trust Your Art To.”   Fleischmann’s Yeast has been trusted and is the choice of bakers for over 140 years for their quality and consistency in classic recipes for breads, buns, rolls and treats. “When searching for a photographer for the Fleischmann’s campaign, it was important to our Olson creative team we find someone to partner with creatively who could really elevate the work. After an extensive photographer search, we ultimately chose Lincoln due to the strength of his food portfolio and in particular a sandwich image which had amazing detail in the bread,” says Hoyne.  The campaign was centered on  beautiful shots of bread recipes to be featured on Fleischmann’s Yeast Web site.  Art Buyer Mark Pakulski of Olson contacted  Barbour’s rep  Adam Renfree of (, and Barbour and Renfree developed  their concept sketches in pre-production.   ( sketches here).

Pre-production sketches/©  Lincoln Barbour

It was then up to Barbour to figure out how to turn these sketches into the real thing. Once he confirmed the cornucopia was made out of bread, Barbour knew he would need a food stylist who could bake and prop.  He contacted  Lucy Neilson and got her thoughts on the sketches. “Lucy can bake, but she had never made a cornucopia out of bread. So, instead of having her spend a week figuring it out, we decided it would be more efficient to hire a professional baker to bake the bread and make the cornucopia,” explains Barbour. His food guru friend, Kevin Ward, recommended Jared Lester of Pearl Bakery. Not only could Lester make all the breads to perfection as they wanted,  but he was already using Fleischmann’s Yeast in his own baking.

Barbour sourced the table tops from World Market and The Rebuilding Center. Lucy Neilson brought in props from a variety of stores such as West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Ikea and some from her own personal inventory. They set up and shot everything in-studio at Sandbox PDX.  Art Director Hoyne loved the natural light for the food, so Barbour used that style for his lighting throughout the shoot. “I used some fill cards here and there, but what you see is basically what came out of the camera. Very little retouching was done. I used Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro and shot f/5.6 at around a 1/15th of a second,” says  Barbour.

This kind of photography is a perfect example of the difference between someone being good at taking pictures and being a professional photographer. In many ways, the actual photography was the smaller part of the assignment. The hardest part for Barbour was finding someone who could make bread into art. The bread cornucopia is out of a food stylist’s skill set, but it took the combined skills of a professional baker and a professional photographer to know exactly what has to be researched and prepped to produce beautiful and appetizing food and then having it photographed to perfection. The ads feature a cornucopia made out of bread, filled with various rolls and a delicious-looking fruit and nut loaf sliced open to highlight the ingredients and texture of the bread. There were eight different versions of the bread cornucopia, and in the end only one was selected for the final ad.

Raisin loaf /©  Lincoln Barbour

 The stars and the ingredients truly aligned on the Fleischmann’s assignment for Barbour.  “Lincoln assembled a great crew and brought on a fantastic baker from Portland, Oregon, as well as a great stylist which were key elements in making this project succeed.  We had a very compressed schedule that required selects approval on set during the shoot, but Lincoln and his crew were extremely flexible and efficient and the project came together seamlessly. In the end we had very happy creatives and clients.  We’d work with Lincoln again anytime,” says Hoyne.

Fleischmann’s images for “The Science You Should Trust Your Art  To” are currently running as full page ads in Delish, All You and several other magazines. 

You can see more of Lincoln Barbour’s award-winning food, lifestyle and architecture and interiors at his site,, and read his blog on the Fleischmann campaign here.


Client: Fleischmann’s Yeast

Agency: Olson

Art Director: Emily Hoyne

Account Supervisor: Caleb Hudson

Art Buyer: Mark Pakulski

Food Stylist: Lucy Neilson 

Baker: Jared Lester

Photographer:  Lincoln Barbour