Nigel Harniman Champions the Automotive Rig for Motion

June 14, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Nigel Harniman

London-based advertising automotive photographer Nigel Harniman  has been championing the automotive rig as a perfect accessory for creating  motion shots. The rig is a 25-foot pole capable of  securing thousands of pounds of equipment It takes away all human error by steadying the camera, moving ever so slowly, so the full glory of the car is captured, while scenery blurs. Harniman believes it is the best piece of kit for mirroring a car at high speed as frames of up to 30 seconds ensure that the essence of urgency is always present in the background while the car looks incredible to the naked eye.  Recently he tested Car Camera Rig’s  latest lightweight version. See more of Nigel Harniman and  read his blog about  the rig and what it can do for automotive motion photography.