Kymberly Marciano Brings Energy and Sophistication to Kids Fashion

August 30, 2013

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Kymberly Marciano

"Magnolia" editorial in <em>Babiekins.</em>

Kymberly Marciano is a model-turned photographer, a philanthropist and a mother. She also calls herself a “travel enthusiast and ambiance junkie.” Growing up in an artistic and activist home left a mark on Marciano, and she connects her free-spirited worldliness and her humanitarian nature into her career as a kids fashion and lifestyle photographer.
Marciano’s images are light-hearted yet polished, and “open the door to the energetic inner world of children.” She develops fashion narratives that speak to the playfulness of children, but with an heir of sophistication. Her recent clients include Babiekins, Child Model, Teen Model, The Mod Child, Trunkettes and Guess Kids, which she helped expand into a global lifestyle brand.
During her career as a model, Marciano worked with a number of talented creatives, and she learned how to train her eye from them, work in a fast-paced team environment, and give good direction before ever picking up a camera. When she started her own career, she began photographing lifestyle images of high-profile families in Los Angeles, but found she always gravitated more towards the kids. “My own children surprise and educate me every day!” she says. “Children in general inspire me, and as the kids market opened up, I felt I could take my experience as a model, my own natural curiosity and my new craft and combine them all to create romantic, stylish images for the kids fashion world.”
“Mommy and Me” / &copy; Kymberly Marciano
For Marciano, narrative always comes first. Her editorial concepts, such as “Mommy and Me” in The Mod Child, are inspired by real-life encounters — in this case, a mother and daughter she met at a neighborhood barbeque. Location is key as well, and the mood and detail of a certain place can give way to a narrative of its own. “Magnolia,” which appeared in Babiekins, came about after Marciano stumbled upon the Los Angeles location of famed New York City bakery Magnolia. She was instantly struck by its charm and set up a shoot inside the bakery for a play date between a young boy and girl. “A modern Norman Rockwell story was born,” she says. 
“Magnolia” / &copy; Kymberly Marciano
Turning personal work into a commission is a talent in itself, and Marciano has developed her social media presence into a route for connecting with new clients. Her fashion spreads often start out as independent shoots and are soon picked up by different publications. “I find lots of people are getting to know me through my Facebook page, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest boards and Instagram. All of this activity connected me with both editors [of The Mod Child and Babiekins].”
Marciano also turns her success into an opportunity for helping others. Philanthropy is a large part of her life, and she dedicates as much time to helping kids as she does photographing them. A founding member of the Everychild Foundation, she has spent the past 12 years helping over 500,000 at-risk children and providing 10.5 million in grants. She supports numerous other events and organizations, and her next project will be a book that ties in her photographic work with her philanthropic work.
To keep up with Kymberly Marciano, visit her website.