Agent Extraordinaire Is Back on Call for September for Questions

September 2, 2013

By Agent Extraordinaire

© Agent Extraordinaire

Dear Agent Extraordinaire,

How can I find an agent to sell my pictures. I am in fine art photography.

Paulo ( Silva)  @paulosilvame

Dear Paulo,

Don’t despair!  You will find an agent to sell you fine art photography  Go online and search  “fine art consultants/photography.”  Here you will find links to various consultants who sell fine art photography.  You will also see galleries that represent fine art photographers.  I would suggest contacting them to see if your work is something that they would would be interested in selling.  Keep exploring and network with people in the fine art world.  You will be sure to find the perfect match to represent your work. Good luck!

Dear Agent Extraordinaire,

I recently took a photography job that was moving very fast.  I literally had to get on a plane the next day to shoot the job!  Needless to say, it was impossible to get the purchase order before starting the job.  My rep told me not to get on the plane unless I had a signed contract for the job.  But, I didn’t listen.  I had worked with the creative director previously who was at another agency, but this is his first job at this new agency.  I am now back and no purchase order.   I am worried that I will not get paid.  Please help

Can’t Sleep

Dear Can’t Sleep,

Fifty slaps to you with a wet noodle!  What were you thinking?  You should have listened to your rep.  I hear these stories all the time.  It is always a risk to take a job without a written contract or purchase order from the agency.  I know you were probably trying to do the right thing for the client, but what about the right thing for you?  I hope this works out and the agency will issue you a purchase order.  Without it, it may be a long road to get paid and more sleepless nights. 

Dear Agent Extraordinaire,

I am frustrated on how business is today.  I remember a time when getting a job didn’t require as much work. The amount of time that I spend promoting my business is ridiculous! Now, with Social Media it’s even more crazy. I just want to be a photographer and take beautiful pictures. I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about?
Bring Back the ’70s!
Dear Bring Back the ’70s! 
I just want to write romance novels, but here I am writing to you!  Listen friend, we live in a world where everyone and everything is promoted.  If I see one more thing about the Kardashians I’ll explode!  But, that’s another story.  You have to get with the program and learn that in order to survive in any business today you have to promote the hell out of it.  I know it sounds like a lot of work but what’s the alternative?  No promoting, no work, and then no business.  I’m sure you don’t want that.  Learn to master what every 25-year-old has…Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and you will see how the reward of promoting pays off.   Good luck!  And don’t forget to Tweet!
Dear Agent Extraordinaire,
I have noticed lately that it is getting more difficult to show my work after shooting an assignment.  In fact, most times I have to request permission from clients just to use the images for self promotion.  What’s that all about?  After all, I took the photos, they’re mine so why should I have to ask permission to use them?  I really don’t think this is fair and I am sure I am not alone with this complaint.   What should I do?
Dear Help!

Whoever said the world is fair?  We live in a world of supply and demand and unfortunately, in our business, the supply outweighs the demand.  In other words, there are too many photographers struggling to get work and clients know it.  In fact, so much so that they can make these unreasonable requests and get away with it.  I know too many photographers who would give their first born child away if they could land a huge job. Well, so they tell me… 😉   But, in reality, they are all feeling the squeeze and they will do anything for a job.  Especially, if it can pay their mortgage for the next few months.  So in the end, photographers give in.  How sad.  It breaks my heart that we have allowed our business to come to this.  I wish I had a solution to this problem but unfortunately I think it is here to stay.  

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