Coolife Studio Investigates Eroticism with ATTACHe Exhibition

October 8, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Coolife Studio

ATTACHe exhibit opening October 17th at Hotel Particulier.

Collaborative advertising, fine art, fashion and  still life photographers Carole Beaupre and Pauline Rochas of Coolife Studio explore eroticism and the power of sexual tranference in their new exhibition ATTACHe.  Through seven female subjects who wear a strap-on phallus and incorporate this erotic accessory into their sexual identities, the photography duo  investigate the dynamics and psyche of sexual behavior, fetishism and ecstasy.  These seven women  are not afraid to expose their own pleasure before the camera to present an array of untold and hidden horizons of sexuality. By blurring the lines between subject and object, self and other, ATTACHé is a natural expansion of Rochas’ and Beaupré’s still life practice and a bold new territory for the  two photographers. The exhibition runs from October 17th to November 30th at Hotel Particulier in New York City.

To celebrate the event,  Beaupre and Rochas have commissioned perfumer Patricia Choux to create a new fragrance to accompany the exhibiton.  LE PREMIER PARFUM, neither conventionally feminine nor masculine, is a provocative scent  that embodies an androgynous sexuality in keeping with the exhibition’s theme.  Coolife collaborated with internationally renowned Creative Director Marc Atlan to design the fragrance’s powerfully minimalist packaging. 

ATTACHe –  Opening  Reception, October 17, 6-9PM
Hotel Particulier
04-06 Grand St., NYC 10013