Director of Art Production Marc Short at inVentiv Health Chooses Photographer Jim Hughes

October 1, 2013

By Marc Short

© Jim Hughes

from an award-winning pharmaceutical campaign.<span></span><span></span><span></span>

In my 10 years or so as an art producer with GSW Worldwide and inVentiv Health, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most outstanding photographers in the industry, as well as great creatives with great ideas. We work with a wide range of photographers who do a lot of different things stylistically.  The shoots are so varied; I don’t always get to work with the same folks repeatedly.  However there are photographers who stand out between the quality of the work and the quality of the experience. Jim Hughes is one of those photographers.  

Images in health care or pharmaceutical advertising have to meet a unique combination of needs,and do lot of work.  The concept may call for a lifestyle or portrait component paired with a conceptual element.  The actual shoot might involve big hero shots, secondary lifestyle shots, detail/texture shots and studio shots on seamless.  Regardless of what’s at play conceptually and stylistically, or the range of visual needs required of the production, the human factor is critical and must not be lost.  All of those challenges often have to be met by one photographer. Jim Hughes is a photographer who has achieved this for me and my teams consistently.

Jim’s work is special because a natural, honest human quality shines through consistently.  His images stand on their own even when free of branding, logos, or “fair balance” legal language.  The images shown here are from an award winning pharmaceutical campaign series.  This was my first shoot with Jim, and of course, it led to more.

Jim is fantastic with talent of all kinds, whether they are professionals, street cast, or often in our case real patients. His genuine interest and sincerity is immediately recognized and reciprocated. His exceptional positivity and patience is embraced not only by the talent, but by the clients, the agency, by his amazing crew— basically anyone within vibe-shot.  It all comes pouring out of the images.  Putting that in business terms, when the images carry this quality, the viewer feels the same authenticity, and thus consumes the message.  Everyone wins.  

The creatives I work with appreciate what a photographer can bring to an idea.  They want their work to deliver on the client need but also win awards and show up on the agency reel.  They understand the importance of not just putting someone good on a job, but putting the right person on the job. We have always come out winning when we decided Jim Hughes was the right choice.  

See more of Jim Hughes at his site,  He is represented by Marsha Pinkstaff,


Marc Short has been in the art production (formerly art buying) group since beginning of 2003, when he started with GSW Worldwide.  He became the senior member of the group in 2007, and then from 2009 until now has been head of the group. In 2009, GSW created its studio division now called inVentiv Creative Studios, which is part of the larger parent company inVentiv Health.