Glen Wexler Is in the Spotlight with Dilana Album Cover, Tony Awards and Adobe

October 4, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

Glen Wexler’s latest  conceptual fantasy work captures Dilana, an amazing singer and songwriter.  Wexler loves collaborating with her and recently shot her album cover.  A music video is also in the cenceptual stage. The backgrounds for the cover are from his archives of thousands of skies, seascapes and andscapes.  Wexler recently completed two videos for Heaven & Earth, which have over 1.1 million views so far on YouTube.  PhotoServe covered the Heaven & Earth assignment here  as a special feature.  

Wexlers’ “Kaleidoscope” ( below) is an MC Escher -inspired environment created with  his CGI team. “This project gave me a deeper appreciation of Escher’s genius, ” says Wexler.




 He also did  a national ad campaign for the Tony Awards (below) including the design and delivery of a full alphabet of “photo real” CGI Broadway-style letters. 


And if that were not enough, he is in Adobe’s spotlight. “An amazing talent with a signature style of ‘improbable realities,’ Glen Wexler puts the pro in professional photography. Wexler creates scenes that make you look twice, and then look again.”