Jason Lindsey Makes Baptist Health Personal

October 1, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Jason Lindsey

Baptist Health TV and print campaign.

As a former art director, photographer and director Jason Lindsey understands the intricate relationship between art and commerce. Whether he is working on a personal project or on an advertising assignment, he is excited by the process of making great pictures. He loves the collaboration that goes with great storytelling.  He is sought after by clients for still and motion projects because he  captures real moments and emotions.  Recently, Lindsey got to show that kind of authenticity and integrity for new client, Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida. Health is a very personal matter to them —you are not just a faceless number lost in the shuffle.

Lewis Communications out of Birmingham, Alabama, the agency for Baptist Health, tapped Lindsey for the TV spots.  They were familiar with his work and had seen an ad of his in Archive magazine. They liked his honesty and knew Lindsey had the right style for the TV spots for the health care organization of doctors and hospitals.

“Our tone felt inviting, welcoming, and emotional,” says Lindsey.  It was very important for the client to be authentic and present a caring attitude as if you are among friends and family, and Lindsey paid special attention to that concept in the entire pre-production and shooting process.


Although he had a fairly large crew and production team of about 20 people, including line producer, assistant director, director of photography, gaffer, grips, best boy, location manager and production managers they provided a cozy set and atmosphere. He also hired a casting director and reviewed video casting with callbacks for the talent.  They started with 300 candidates and selected 40 for the actual production.   Senior Designer David Blumberg and Agency Producer Jacob Garner, along with Lindsey  made the final casting selections with client review and approval.

Lindsey also made it a point to capture the energy and culture of the people of Jacksonville.  He  shot on location with a Canon C100 Cinema Camera recording uncompressed Pro Res HQ to a Ninja Disk Recorder. He used 4 Arri M18 HMIs  for their main lighting along with natural light.  “We had three shoot days with one of them being in the hospital. We had a lot of shots to complete in the hospital day so I think that was the toughest part of the shoot,” he says.   Lindsey is a firm believer in getting it right in pre-production. If that goes right, then he knows he will get all the shots he needs even with a tight schedule as this one.

“Overall the shoot was awesome and went great,” he says. The client and agency also felt the same way and were extremely pleased with the outcome.  “Working with Jason felt very much like partnering with another creative inside the agency. He not only understood the messaging objectives, he also cared deeply (and personally) about each and every subject that we encountered. He was always willing to listen and collaborate…Jason was so interpersonal and sensitive to the details of everybody we worked with. I believe this connection with others is what makes him an exceptional photographer and director, and why our shoot for Baptist Health turned out to be such a success,” says Senior Designer Blumberg.

Lindsey continues to re-evaluate what is important to him in life and uses that as a guide for his advertising work and personal projects. His evolving vision for a fresh and creative  style, along with his willingness to listen and to collaborate, all add up to what clients are looking for when they hire for assignments.  Talent, attention to detail and being an all-around great guy to work with always put you in the plus column.  

The Baptist Health TV spots will be broadcast regionally and can be viewed here.  You can also see many other projects that Jason Lindsey has been working on at his blog.

Client: Baptist Health TV Spots
Agency: Lewis Communications out of Birmingham, Alabama
Executive Creative Director, Spencer Till
Associate Creative Director, Roy Burns
Senior Designer, David Blumberg
Agency Producer, Jacob Garner
Director: Jason Lindsey  



  Baptist Health/© Jason Lindsey