Fruit of the Loom Starts and Ends Happy with Ty Milford

November 5, 2013

By Barbara Goldman

© Ty Milford

Fruit of the Loom "Start Happy" campaign.

Ty Milford loves to capture emotion. His work strives to see the brighter side of life with humor, laughter, the warmth of the sun and beautiful blue skies. Over the years, he has built a body of lifestyle work that shows his love of playfulness, spontaneity, warmth and color. He is known for capturing real-feeling-moments filled with motion and emotion. He also has developed a devoted base of clients who hire him because of these qualities and his ability to put his subjects at ease.

Recently he got the opportunity to share his fresh and whimsical approach with Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) for a  project you might say was a “perfect fit” – Fruit of the Loom. The campaign, entitled “Start Happy” sought to portray subjects in and around their home environments starting out their day filled with happiness and optimism. They felt great because their most basic undergarments let them move and breathe in their active lifestyles. This was the first time Milford worked with CP+B, and it involved lots of collaboration in pre-production and a team efforts all the way through to post production.

“The greatest challenge was that our days were very full in trying to accomplish a large number of setups — roughly 12 per day and more than two thirds of them were interiors that needed to be lit.  We did this by having a solid plan with great locations and great crew that made it all come together,” says Milford.

© Ty Milford

For this type of active lifestyle work where you set up a scenario, such as a pillow fight in a bedroom (pictured above), you need to build and prop out the scene as completely as possible, find optimal talent and then let them go with it and bring it to life.  Once it does come to life,  “We shoot and shoot, more or less as fast as the strobes can recycle, capturing the obvious moments as well as the real ones where talent start to let loose and be more themselves,” says Milford.  The more frames he captures, the more good choices he can present to his clients. He likes to shoot 35mm and in the Fruit of the Loom instance pushed that format as far as it could go with the Nikon D800’s 36mp full frame sensor.  “I am a Canon shooter, but we have to use the right tool for the job and given this was an ‘Out of Home’ end use, meaning lots of billboards including a five-story digital board in Times Square, the Nikon was currently the best option,” he explains.  He also prefers to capture wirelessly to multiple iPads directly from the camera, so there are no tether cords to cramp his movement around the scenes. “With pillows being swung and thrown around so fast and furiously, I have to be able to get in close and be a part of the action without any of the technical elements getting in the way,” he says.

The Fruit of the Loom work shows off Milford’s easy going style to great effect. “Ty’s work is what we had in mind; warm with a new, fresh style and most important, real. When you see his work, you feel as if you were there, you are part of the situation, part of the moment, it makes you smile. His work never feels forced or unrealistic, he captures the moments and the emotions perfectly and those are crucial for this campaign.” says Art Director Eduardo Inderbitzin, CP+B.

© Ty Milford

Milford’s images are being used mainly for Out of Home, Social and Online venues. There are over 200 billboards and digital billboards in major cities showcasing the “Start Happy” campaign. Ty Milford “Starts Happy” himself and then just spreads it to his clients, crew and subjects. See more work at his website,

Client Name: Fruit of the Loom
Campaign Title: Start Happy
Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Worldwide Creative Officer: Rob Reilly
Executive Creative Director: Tony Calcao
Creative Director(s): Matt Fischvogt
Photographer/Director: Ty Milford
Art Directors: Eduardo Inderbitzin and Austin Ridling
Art Producer: Lillian Sevilla
Associate Design Director: Scott Pridgen
Senior Copywriter: Mona Hasan
Copywriter: Sarah Mosseller
Producer: Vail Palmer-White
Photographer’s Agent: Mollie Jannasch
Groomer: Donna Gast
Wardrobe Stylist: Brandy Snow
Seamstress: Cheryl Johnson
Prop Stylist: Alison Sebek