Wendy Hope Gains Momentum with New Beauty, Nail Art and Fashion Projects

November 1, 2013

By Jacqui Palumbo

© Wendy Hope

"Onyx Blue Electric Spike" from the series "The Tao of Wu," a nail art beauty shoot with model Wu Ting Ting of Wilhelmina Models, makeup artist Margina Dennis and manicurist Honey Nailz.

Making a splash in the beauty and fashion photography industry is always challenging, and Wendy Hope has been moving up the ladder by developing a strong portfolio and forming a close-knit team for her projects. She has recently garnered a surge of attention for her high-end beauty and nail art concepts, as well as her consistent output of look books and trend books for Neiman Marcus.
Hope’s beauty concept “The Tao of Wu” took first place in PDN’s The Look contest, was featured as an editorial in Fault Magazine, and has also been chosen as the cover editorial in the December issue of the UK print publication Scratch Magazine. Hope’s concept was based off of a black glitter effect, and she worked with makeup artist Margina Dennis to transform model Wu Ting Ting’s skin into a shade of shimmering charcoal with a range of highlights and shadows. Honey Nailz crafted a different nail design in each image, drawing attention to the bright burst of color against Ting’s skin.
From the series “The Tao of Wu.”
© Wendy Hope
In her concept “Wild!”, another collaboration with Honey Nailz, Hope worked with makeup artist Paul Innis on a leopard print theme to complement model Kwak Ji Young’s nail art. “Wild!” was published as an exclusive feature for Fashion Gone Rogue. In this concept, Hope broadened her range of lighting techniques from bright, clean and crisp to strong, directional shadows that add a different dimension of sex appeal.
From the series “Wild!”
© Wendy Hope
Nail art has become an “integral” component of Hope’s beauty portfolio thanks to the innovative high-end nail artists who she has made connections with over the years. She frequently works with Honey Nailz, but has also worked with Miss Fleury Nails, Chiharu Natsame and Elle on different projects. She says, “I think in the last few years that nail art has evolved in the same way tattoo art has. The technology and mediums to work with are more comprehensive and the artists and techs are now regarded with a higher level of skill and technique and are given the respect they highly deserve.”
From the series “Dark Romance,” a collaboration with Paul Innis.
© Wendy Hope
Hope defines her own personal Nirvana as a group of creatives completely in sync. Having a strong network is essential to her, as she places a strong emphasis on concept development and loves a fluid exchange of ideas once she has her initial idea in place. “Although I’ll create a mood board to visually illustrate what I see for my team, everyone brings their own expertise,” she explains. “I’m selective with who I work with and I focus on collaborating with the right creative team for each particular project.” 
One of her regular collaborators on editorial, fashion and celebrity work is hairstylist Bradley Irion, who introduced her to Neiman Marcus’ Art Director Pam Lor. Since their meeting, Neiman Marcus has become one of Hope’s regular clients for over a year, and she says she is “thrilled” that she was selected to be a part of their roster. Hope has shot mostly for the fashion brand’s contemporary line, CUSP by Neiman Marcus, but has also shot various trend books and look books for Neiman Marcus Online.
Dorothea Barth Jorgensen wears leather for Neiman Marcus trendbook.
© Wendy Hope
Next up for Hope: a street punk fashion editorial titled “Punk is Dead” for Fashion Gone Rogue, where Hope plays off the clichés of the trend with a touch of humor in high contrast, cinematic black and white lighting. She’ll also be photographing a teen celebrity-driven footwear campaign with her long-term client, Pastry, and she has another fashion editorial in the November issue of Complot Magazine, which is currently under wraps.
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