Success With PhotoServe

December 2, 2013

By Kyle Jackson

© Kyle Jackson

 American Queen

October 2013 was a strong month for my photography business, Kyle Jackson Media. I decided to try PhotoServe by taking advantage of their one-month trial. At the beginning of the trial, I learned how to effectively leverage the PhotoServe platform. I was amazed at how I was able to achieve PhotoServe’s Most Viewed Portfolio in the month of October simply by updating my portfolio regularly and sending in news. As a photographer in the entertainment industry, one of the most important parts of my occupation is marketing my work to creative professionals. Through my journey, I have found one of my crucial tools for self-marketing to be Photo District News’ PhotoServe platform.

I was originally introduced to PDN’s online resource for photographers after winning the Photo Annual this year. My ongoing series, “American Queen,” was chosen as a winner in the nationwide contest. At the magazine’s launch party in New York City, professionals were recommending PhotoServe as a powerful tool for photographers. Months later when I was working in Los Angeles with some of the most successful names in the industry, their advice was the same. Potential clients, such as art buyers at advertising agencies, also testify how easy it is to locate photographers on PhotoServe. At the end of the day, everyone is talking about how PhotoServe promotes your work effectively by putting your name in front of creative professionals.

Before purchasing the full version of PhotoServe, I decided to try the one-month trial membership. As a trial member, PhotoServe gives you access to everything that their Premium membership has to ffer. This includes useful features like news updates for your important projects and portfolios, showcasing up to 100 of your still and video projects. In addition, to the PhotoServe marketing platform, membership includes a wide range of benefits as subscriptions to PDN, contest discounts and discounts to many networking events.  Success with PhotoServe!  See Kyle Jackson’s portfolio on PhotoServe