Neil Massey Shoots Vietnamese Underground Metal Scene with UNICEF

January 8, 2014

By Barbara Goldman

© Neil Massey

 Vietnamese Underground Metal Scene.

 Neil Massey recently won 1st prize in the PDN Music Moments 2013. He submitted a series of six shots of fans in the “Crowd” Section of the competition. The images are part of a larger book project on the Vietnamese Underground Metal Scene which  he has been documenting for the past 18 months.  Recently Massey worked with UNICEF in Vietnam on  a project documenting the organization’s work in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Kon Tum Province home to Vietnam’s ethnic minorities has the lowest life expectancy and highest rate of child malnutrition in Vietnam. UNICEF is having success with the HEBI high energy therapeutic bars for children with severe acute malnutrition. After 50 years in Vietnam, UNICEF held their first Gala fundraising dinner in Saigon in December 2013.   Massey’s photos  were exhibited and made into a book  for guests. See more work at his site.