Associate Photo Editor Manuela Oprea of Bloomberg Selects Algirdas Bakas for Exotic Shoots

March 3, 2014

By Manuela Oprea

© Algirdas Bakas

 Herdsman living in his modern hut in Mongolia.

Working for two globally focused publications, Bloomberg Markets Magazine and Bloomberg Pursuits, has its challenges and rewards. The features that we produce range in scope and scale – and redefining the business news genre. Bloomberg Markets content focuses on influential business leaders and finance, while Bloomberg Pursuits, a lifestyle magazine covers high-end luxury products and experiences. Due to the global nature of the stories that we publish, the photo shoots that I produce are generally in far off places like Kazakhstan, Cambodia and Mongolia. I rely heavily on the working relationships that I’ve built over the years with photographers. At times assigning such a shoot can be nerve wrecking, especially when the subject is thousands of miles away and the time zone difference is not in my favor. Trust, communication and consistency matter heavily in those instances.

Photographer Algirdas Bakas, who is currently based in Shanghai, eased my anxieties when we hired him to shoot a story in Mongolia. His thorough understanding of the story served as a launching point in finding the key images for the feature, while his eye for the unexpected captured the intricacies of daily life in the landlocked country. Mongolia is witnessing rapid growth due to the mining boom that is changing the economic landscape for many people.

© Algirdas Bakas

One of my favorite images from the shoot is a portrait of Aimtan Ulam-Badrakh, a herdsman living inside his modern yurt. Bakas fully captured the economic growth but also the disparity that exists between the modern and traditional way of life.  See more of  the Mongolia assignment and other travel, sports and personal projects at Algirdas Bakas’ site.

Manuela Oprea is the Associate Photography Editor at Bloomberg Markets Magazine and Bloomberg Pursuits. She received her B.F.A in photography from The School of Visual Arts and an MBA in Finance at NYU Stern School of Business.