David Johnson Teaches Five-Minute Portrait for Santa Fe Workshops

April 8, 2014

By Barbara Goldman

Celebrity, editorial and music photographer David Johnson will be returning  again this summer to  teach his  “The Five-Minute Portrait” workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The workshop covers how to expect and face challenging shoot situations head on.  Whether you have limited time, budget or a subject that hates having their photos made, the workshop will cover the things that you can do to not only survive your shoot but also give your client as many great options as possible – even if you only have five minutes to shoot.  The class works in the studio and on location, simulating a variety of real-life shoot situations.  Johnson taught this workshop last summer and is looking forward to being back again this year. For more details and registration information, click here.  See more  of David Johnson’s  work here.