Natalie Brasington Shoots Beauty and Her Feast

May 9, 2014

By Barbara Goldman

© Natalie Brasington

Messy  eaters include ( left to right)  Paola Rodriguez, Major Model Agency, Ania Charlot of Major Model Agency and Khrystyna Kazakova of Muse Models Agency.

Natalie Brasington, a New York-based entertainment  and portrait photographer, spends a lot of time in the studio, but often chooses to shoot her personal work on the fly. With an uncanny ability to tap into close-knit communities, Brasington’s work often centers around the juxtaposition between the individual and their context, more often than not shot on location, outside city limits.

For her latest project, Brasington wanted to take a divergence from such work, and decided to focus on a straighter forward, visual concept. Although she is quick to suggest that her own observations of the acrobatics required to eat messy foods were the creative catalysts for this project, Brasington also did her research, and quickly learned how rare it is to see images of fashion models with food, especially images of models eating voraciously.  And so her latest idea of stunning but messy eaters was born. With a great sense of fun and ease, she shot beautifully styled people feasting on very messy foods and getting stains and gooey stuff all over themselves and their clothing. As she shot her subjects with Profoto Pro-8A Air packs and heads and a Canon 5D Mark III, she captured fabulous fun shots of these super models eating classic, Americana junk foods in high-fashion style. 

Brasington  is represented by AnywayMGMT, a New York City-based  boutique agency representing photographers and stylists.  As a photographer member of the agency, she was able to get access to top creative styling  for the shoot.  

Hair and makeup artist Alex LaMarsh of AnywayMGMT not only helped to create the look of each model but also assisted with the production of the project, reaching out to talent and agencies she had worked with in the past.  Wardrobe styled by Heather Newberger,  Director of Styling Division for the agency, also graciously accepted the challenge of creating cool, monochromatic looks to highlight each food dish and every stain, while keeping the models on trend.  Food stylist Eugene Jho  and prop stylist Courtney De Wet  were also integral to the making of these images, working together to create beautiful and appetizing plates of iconic Americana junk food.

Brasington hopes that these images will act as, shall we say, eye-candy. She is consistently working on personal projects to supplement her editorial and entertainment work and strives to constantly keep her work fresh.  “I think it’s important to show people your personality and interests— I do that with projects like this,” says Brasington.  

Brasington gives a huge thanks to all the immensely talented models who miraculously made eating messy food look cool- Khrystyna Kazakova, Rachel Zimmerman, Nicholas LaFrance.  And from Major Model Management Ania Charlot, Julia Kravets, Paola Rodriguez, Elizabeth Cunningham who were all booked through Donia Khalifa from the women’s division of Major.   See more of Natalie Brasington’s assignment and personal work at her site, and with AnywayMGMT.