Jared Leeds Shoots My Salinger Year Author Joanna Rakoff

June 9, 2014

By Barbara Goldman

© Jared Leeds

&nbsp;Joanna Rakoff, author of <em>My Salinger Year.</em>

Boston-based portrait, lifestyle, travel photographer Jared Leeds has new portraiture work.  Leeds   shot a story for Bicycling Magazine which never ran  but was about about Charles Opiro, a former child soldier from Uganda turned cyclist in the U.S. You can read more about it here.  He also shot a portrait of Joanna Rakoff for the Observer New Review. Rakoff has a new book coming out called My Salinger Year about her year working with J.D. Salinger’s agent. You can read more about the Rakoff shoot here.

© Jared Leeds/ Cyclist Charles Opiro.