George Kamper Wins Best Cover Award with Lyle Lovette Portrait for Equestrian Quarterly

July 9, 2014

By Barbara Goldman

© George Kamper

Award-winning cover for<em> Equestrian Quarterly</em> with Lyle Lovett.

This past week at the American Horse Publication Awards Competition in Charleston, South Carolina, Equestrian Quarterly won first in four categories. he magazine has the distinction of being “Overall Best Equestrian Magazine in America.”  The publication won First Place for Best Cover Photography by PhotoServe member George Kamper. The Lyle Lovett cover from the winter issue caught the judges’ eyes as the standout for first place in Publication Cover Page with Circulation Over 20,000.  Kamper, EQ’s Director of Photography, contributed the stunning portrait of the mega-star and reining enthusiast that the judges described as both gritty and gorgeous.

The publication won First Place for Event Coverage, also photographed by Kamper. “The cover montage is magnificent,” continued the judges. “The irregular cut out of the Palais against the black background literally smashes the boundaries. The eye swings around the page spiraling into the center.”

“Once again, we are overwhelmed by these honors,” said Equestrian Quarterly Publisher C.W. Medinger. “I have to thank our talented editors, Stephanie Peters and Jill Medinger and our Director of Photography George Kamper for their incredible contributions to EQ.”

Kamper is an award-winning photographer who specializes in lifestyle, hospitality, travel and equestrian photography. See more work at his site, and see the whole story about the EQ multiple awards here.