Ty Milford Elevates the Brand for CMO John Harris of Fresh Produce Clothing

July 9, 2014

By John Harris

© Ty Milford

 Fresh Produce Clothing campaign.

This past year, the primary goal for the marketing team here at Fresh Produce Clothing has been to elevate and evolve brand that women have known and loved for 30 years.  Although our product characteristics of sun-kissed colors and coastal-inspired prints have always provided the brand with tremendous texture, and we have shot in some of the most beautiful coastal backdrops for our seasonal projects, our primary target audience for this imagery had been wholesale buyers, who tend to want to see more traditional product photography.  The shift now has been towards the consumer audience and creating an emotional element to our brand  a “young at heart mindset” captured along with social connections between women, not simply the functional one.  What we needed was an external catalyst to help us shape the vision and guide the execution, and Ty Milford was a perfect fit for that.

© Ty Milford

We had worked with Ty several years back on a project very similar in that it involved the introduction of a new line, so we knew he understood the art of transition for a brand.  What we underestimated was his unique ability to lead us “beyond the lens.” Although we had pre-established the shoot concept of a “Girls Weekend Getaway,” it was Ty that took our idea and mood boards to an unprecedented level of magic through his collaboration and ownership. Ty is not the guy that just takes a shot list, shows up on location, shoots the job and delivers the assets.  From talent selection to story line refinement to product styling, his ability to bring dimension, elegance and spirit to our idea was far more than I had ever experienced with any photographer.  Our agenda was his agenda; no ego, no push back.  And although we had shot at the same locations a half  dozen times before, Ty saw things that we had never seen and his perspective took us to places we had never been.  I cannot stress enough how far we were pushing ourselves into our “discomfort” zone, yet Ty enabled us to move through the project effortlessly.   And the result was one of the proudest moments our founder had enjoyed in the 30-year history of her company.

© Ty Milford

In our first meeting, Ty asked me an incredibly simple yet powerful question that proved to be the guiding force for the three-day shoot.  John, what’s your biggest fear going into this project?”   Needless to say, the answer to his question was not, nor every will be, “you”.”  

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© Ty Milford