Ty Milford Photography Is Up for Whatever with Bud Light

December 8, 2014

By Barbara Goldman


Bud Light Up for Whatever campaign.

Portland, Oregon- based advertising action and motion, lifestyle, fitness photographer Ty Milford recently shot a campaign for client Bud Light. He shot 28 versions of the very same scene over two days, one for most every pro team and then a few extra for the NFL. The concept was kind of like Groundhog Day for Bud Light and the NFL. Milford worked with Cannonball Agency on the project. “I like to think that my work has a lot of emotion in it – but this job took the cake,” says Milford. Initially he thought about running a highlight video for talent to respond to, but once they reviewed the schedule and saw how much they had to accomplish in a given period of time, Milford and team determined it would take too much time to cue the video clips and make sure that they all reacted in sync. It became clear that he was going to need to call the action “TV comentator style” of a fictitious game being played, again and again and again. Milford did about six-to seven takes for each of the 28 versions of this campaign.. He ended up yelling out about 196 plays over a crowded bar in two days. “The quaterback drops back, he looks left, then right. Out of the corner of his eye he spies a receiver opening up long and launches the bail in a Hail-Mary-final-attempt and saving the season. It’s up, up, up and down, in the end zone, TOUCH DOWN, TOUCH DOWN, TOUCH DOWN. BUFFALO! TOUCH DOWN!” Milford gets exhausted just thinking about it, but the work turned out wonderfully in the end and was worth all of the effort. He thanks his talented and hard-working crew for keeping up with every take and the talent who made it so much fun and exciting each time. See Milford’s blog for more on the Bud Light Up for Whatever campaign.