Jared Leeds Shoots Blue Cross Blue Shield Nashville Image Library

January 16, 2015

By Barbara Goldman

© Jared Leeds

Shot for Blue Cross Blue Shield Nashville image library for Bohan Advertising.

Boston-based portrait, lifestyle photographer Jared LeedsI made a whirlwind trip down to Nashville last November for Bohan Advertising to shoot a library of images for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. Leeds shot something like 50 different setups in two days. The first was piggybacked on a TV shoot during which he had to jump in between takes to get stills of the scenes and then pull talent away after the TV shooting was finished. The images are being used in ads and for web and print. Leeds worked with Executive Producer April Dace and Line Producer Michelle Abnet. His assistants were David Johnson, Joel Hood, Andres Martinez, Joel Micha Dennis and Daniel William. Creatives from Bohan on the shoot were Jon Arnold and Penny Rahe. See much more of the Blue Cross Blue Shield images on Jared Leeds’ blog.

© Jared Leeds/ Blue Cross Blue Shield